Sunday, July 18, 2021

Female Asian-American Professional Skateboarder Judi Oyama Wikipedia Page

So cool to get a Judi Oyama Wikipedia page for skateboarding. 
Thank you for whoever added me.

 I don't always get the coverage other women skaters did during the 70's. I have been skating none stop since I started and finally getting some credit. I hope I inspired other vert, downhill and women, they, them he or she skateboarders that love skateboarding as much as I do. Never Stop!
Judi Oyama Wiki Page


Friday, October 9, 2020

Girlhood (It's Complicated) Virtual Opening Female Skateboard Pioneers and BFF's

Here is a little back story to this event. Jane and Beth collected my Flyaway helmet and trophy. They have come out and personally interviewed us for more background on women in skateboarding, our herstory and what the items we donated meant to us and when and how were they used or won. Won in my case was because I gave them one of my first place trophies from the Berkeley Skate Contest years ago. 


Back story on the black flyaway helmet. That was Rebecca Botelho she did the custom pin striping. I was going to have her do one for me and instead we did a helmet trade and I gave her a new flyaway helmet and she gave me the black one. She still skates and is awesome. We skated together a few years ago when my husband had a cyclocross race down in Los Osos area. She is helping get a skatepark built in Cambria.

I was super honored to be apart of this virtual opening yesterday. I put together my video and self-interview. I was going to hand it off to Daniel Carettoni of Santa Cruz Aerials so he could smooth it out. I didn't have a ton of time so I didn't redo my interview areas. When you get behind the camera or iPhone you don't always say exactly what you planned to say. I wanted to redo some of the slow bumpy talking. 


1:13 Shows are skate pieces at the show 


45:19 Cindy Whitehead I am right after you. I am sending this to my friend Frances and thought I would share the links of where we want to watch from.


47:35 My section

At the end of my video I put photo and video credits. Thank you to my friends that have been kind enough to take a photo or shoot with my camera when I ask them. If not for my dad who took most of my photos my story would not have been documented.


Daniel Carettoni

Bill Golding

Richard Oyama

Gary Mederious

Michael Smiley Goldman

John Krisik

Dan Devine

John Ravtich

Michael Chantry

Ian Logan

Daniel A. Anderson

Gary Holl

Steven King

Randy Katin

Brad T. Miller

Jonny Miller

Maria Carrasco

Mary MacDonald

sorry if I missed anyone 

Day 9 of no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no alcohol  no fun. I am doing it until October 22. 21 days to exact.

The history of girlhood is not what people think; it is complicated. Young women are often told that girls are “made of sugar and spice and everything nice.” What we learn from the past is that girls are made of stronger stuff. They changed history. From Helen Keller to Naomi Wadler, girls have spoken up, challenged expectations, and been on the front lines of social change. Although definitions of girlhood have changed, what it means to grow up female in the United States has always been part of the American conversation. More details at

I got a little love Smithsonian spotlight

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Santa Cruz reissues super clean one signed by Jim Phillips Keith Meek and Jeff Kendall. Sold Roskopp's as a set.

I was going to put these on eBay but decided to sell them directly from my Skate Collector  you can check out here Facebook Skate Collector.

Selling this Jeff Kendall Santa Cruz Skateboard signed by Jeff Kendall

Selling this Bart Simpsons Santa Cruz deck sealed with Tech Deck

Selling this White Santa Cruz Slasher signed by Jim Phillips and Keith Meek

Selling this Black Slasher signed by Keith Meek


                                        Sold Santa Cruz Skateboard Rob Roskopp Decks

Clearing some of my boards that I do not need and helping a friend sell some of his stuff.
Not interested in trades. 

I am adding stickers boards and other items as I get to them.
Thank you.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Capitola Shores Monument Sign installation and build

Installation in progress adding metal kelp, type and starfish. Dave Wilber Monterey Cast Stone. 
Frame before pour

Rebar reinforcement frame
Inset one inch letters

Sand blasting by Larry Crocker Santa Cruz Sandblasting

Capitola Shores Sign install in progress next step metal seaweed, 
starfish and 1971 type In progress Capitola Shores Monument Sign I
nstalled August, 6, 2020. Installed by Auto Care Towing. Concrete sign created by Dave Wilber 
Monterey Bay Cast Stone, Base by Dave ad Diamond D Concrete, Wave, Kelp, 
Starfish illustrations Jimbo Phillips, sand blasting Larry Crocker of Santa Cruz Sandblasting, Metal work of 1971 Seaweed and Starfish by Cheney Metals, Laser cut mask Jordan and Maddox Idea Fab Labs. Original Design concept Judi Oyama Maximum Impact Design.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Homemade Mask Template Passion Project Shared

I am happy to see my mask design shared and available. I have put tons of weekend and early morning hours into making a mask template. I stared as making masks for my family and a few of the templates I found and made didn't fit well. I over designed and made a more complicated one with pleats and straps. David at LifeAid the project manager told me I had to make it one page and simple. That was harder than I imagined but in the end I am super stoked on the final Mask Template download available for Free on a LIFEAID Beverage Page Erik Designed.

Cindy Whitehead my BFF was kind enough to share it on her amazing Girl is not a 4 letter word site.

One of the best messages I got yesterday was this one from Stacy. I hope to go to San Mateo and shop at her family business Takahashi Market soon. One of the things Japanese Americans have in common is having parents interned in Japanese Internment Camps. I'm a product of Poston 1 and 2. As our parents age it's a topic and a little history we learn each time we communicate and share stories. Family history note. Beyond Barbed Wire Movie produced by my Uncle Yukio Sumida 442nd member and Purple Heart recipient.

Beyond Barbed Wire - Trailer from Steve Rosen on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Please stay home Nisene Marks Park is closed and Santa Cruz Beaches are open if you go to exercise

You may not understand why Santa Cruz Locals are getting upset. People are coming from out of town in large groups. Park in our neighborhoods and think it's vacation time. It is not. We are in #stayhome for a reason. Even local people that drive to our local parks are not being respectful to the locals that run or walk from their front door. Yesterday, I ran into three women and two large dogs not on a leashes, and then one took off with our dog ball. What does she do pick it up and now it's got her hand print on it. WTF. Thank you for not parking in our area. Please leash your dogs next time. It's not all about you.

A few steps later I run into dog poop in a blue bag and other trash. The toilets are closed and people have been pooping along the trail and leaving toilet paper. If you can bring TP you can bag it and toss it. The trail has a trash bag at the end for recycle and trash.

Stay Home!

Play in your own backyard. Workout stay 6 ft apart. Please drive slow in neighborhoods. Truck loads of mountain bikers riding up the downhill trails lost and asking for directions is not cool. People walking into backyards is not cool either.

Don't be a DICK!

Dog owners this trail is a luxury. This is private property if you walk your dog and leave it's shit that is not cool. 5 feet away from this poop was a roll of dog poop bags. The trash and recycle just foot steps away. I picked it up and through it away which I fucking hate to do. Clean up after your dog. Please leash your dog when you see others with dogs especially.

Here is the Covid Santa Cruz City info. You don't like it don't come stay home.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Slalom Skateboarding Morro Bay

Morro Bay Skateboard Classic 2019

This is a 1-day slalom event in downtown Morro Bay during Harbor Festival. Head-to-Head racing on Morro Bay Boulevard. Giant Slalom in the morning. Slalom in the afternoon. 2-run qualifying, double-eliminations. Trophies to 3rd place.

Gary Fluitt put this video together and he also put on this race. Did I think I'd be slalom racing in 2019? Nope. It is super fun and as long as my friend Jamie Hart is riding in his 60's I'll keep riding. We both rode for Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 70's. We have the nervous jitters the night before and in the morning when we meet for breakfast before the race. Is the hill too fast is the pavement slippery and rough. Which wheels should we use.

Thank you for everyone that helped put on the event.

Thank you LifeAid Beverages for the FITAID and FOCUSAID

Sunday, February 10, 2019

It was a wrap! One week after Games 2018

I have not posted in awhile. Came back from the CrossFit Games 2018 and got cut with the good chunk of people from the Photography and Media Team. It was a shock and awe moment. I get the whole change in direction. Though some websites say people were fired they were not. They were laid off which is different. I guess it's more dramatic when they write fired. It was a great gig while it lasted. I miss the people and the cool things we got to create. My favorite projects were the 100 Word posters, t shirt designs, CrossFit Games book and working on Score Cards at the Games with changes and hourly air squats (we would come up with some exercise to do each hour during games) on +10 hour days.

Bottom line is people need to exercise, cut out the shit food (sugar), sleep more and get outside.

I'm doing contract work for CrossFit HQ which I love. I will always be a CrossFitter. It has changed my life for the better. I have an awesome gig with Ariat my first love before Skateboarding was horses. I have a very cool side signage project in the works. It's been going on longer than I'd hoped but in the end it will be iconic like the Santa Cruz Wave Skatepark art which turns 12 this month. I've kept my Maximum Impact Design business running since 1987 and have gone in-house as creative director, art director I love design and working with companies that I care about. I have continued to evolve and create and will never stop. I have my side hustle Badass Skatemom. Thank you to all the CrossFitters for the support. Big thank you to Dave Re for hiring me.

Photo by Ian Webb

Some of the designs I created are available at the CrossFit Stuff Store. A small sampling of the work I have done and continue to do.

Design and laid out the graphics for the new gym and never got to workout as an employee there though I have been back to do work outs. It would have fun to enjoy the wall before getting the official boot.

Unicorn Illustration by Lucas Musgrave