Friday, November 18, 2022

A few more images from the World Skate Games Straight Parallel Slalom in Argentina 2022

This is Saturday's 68 cone Straight Parallel Slalom at the World Skate Games 2022 in Argentina on the San Juan Villicum Race Track in Argentina.
Collin Kruse is doing a iPhone follow below is the video he took. He's really good at it and a great all around skateboarder. These photos are by Monique Soderhall, Jani's wife who was kind enough to shoot in the heat. This was the most organized race I have ever been too. They had cold water and drinks at the top and the bottom of the hill. They provided snacks and lunch. We had full live coverage and on site camera crew at both the race track and the giant slalom hill.

If you go I recommend buying the package hotel deal with Worlds. We had 3 great assistants at the Don Thomas Hotel. Had breakfast home baked pastries, fresh fruit and made us scrambled eggs, we got a boxed lunch to take to the race and an amazing dinner each day. This came with transport to the races and back and to and from the airport. It was easier than renting a car and trying to figure out monies and places to go.

After two runs I was beat by 0.211 seconds. 
I lost focus on the bottom of one of the runs and almost DQ'd.
I hit 5 cones but got back on course. I was running clean most of my other races. The second run was close but since I hit cones so I didn't move forward and Suzuka did. It's cool to see the next generation of slalom racers coming into the fold. 

I was stoked to meet and race 17 year old ripper Japanese Skateboarder Suzuka Nakanishi.

Straight Slalom World Champions 2022


1st: Anna Gailite (LAT)
2nd: Lynn Kramer (USA)
3rd: Eliza Gailite (LAT)
4th: Suzuka Nakanishi (JAP)
5th: Judi Oyama (USA)


1st: Janis Kuzmins (LAT)
2nd: Gustavs Gailitis (LAT)
3rd: Toms Dreiblats (LAT)
4th: Bruno Oliveira (BRA)
5th: Jakub Jirman (CZE)

This was such a fun race. I know not everyone likes tight straight but it is something that takes focus and skill that I think helps with overall fitness. Video shot by Collin Kruse. Thank you.

Here is another one of the races against Imi McMillan (AUS).


Friday, November 4, 2022

Back from the World Skate Games Argentina 2022 Final Results Stoked

Overall Results from the World Skate Games 2022

I placed 4th overall behind 3rd by 5 points!

I Placed 3rd in the Hybrid
I wanted to make Podium and was happy to on the first day of racing against really fast younger racers from all over the world.
1st Lynn Kramer (USA) and 2nd Anna Gailite (LAT)

Hybrid Results
Tight Results

I placed 5th in the Tight Slalom. 68 straight cones.
I missed the round of 4 my 0.211 hundredths of a second.
I was stoked to see Suzuka Nakanishi (JAP)
power through and get into the round of 4. 

Special Slalom Race 

Sunday super cold and windy day.
I placed 4th. I had beat Eliza in both qualifying rounds. 
She powered and got me in the consolation round. Some great racing results I can't complain since I was the elder of all the racers at the event.

Tight race against Suzuka Nakanishi (JAP)
I can't move the video up near the tight PDF


Giant slalom results I placed 5th. I had the second fastest qualifying run. 
I didn't use my arms and tried to tuck the last run. 

I will add more information. So many great racers.
Thank you @lacostaracing for supporting the USA slalom team.
Thank you to all of my sponsors:

Saturday, October 1, 2022

USA Slalom Skateboard Team Logo and sponsorship for the World Skate Games

There was not a logo for the team so I put one together and it's going on all of the team shirts and jerseys. Being a graphic designer it's hard for me not to design everything. 

I am overwhelmed with all the support from sponsors, friends, family and people I have never met.

It's getting real and I am super excited that I am on the USA Slalom Skateboard Team and have the opportunity to travel and skateboard internationally. 

Stoked on having two of these made for my race.
Camelbak custom stainless steel water bottles.
With the filter system.

You can do snail mail and get a tax right off.
Diana Rose
2148 Inyo St, Los Osos CA 93402
Be sure they put Argentina@ Judi Oyama on the memo line.
Make the check out to “La Costa Racing.”
 or pay via paypal or venmo.

Thank you.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Vintage Stüssy Tribe Homeboy Jacket from BFF back history

Stussy Bob Marley T-shirt Sold

Stussy Laura T-shirt Pink Sold

Stussy Laura T-shirt Blue Sold

I have been doing some homework on some Stussy items I have gotten from the third employee. She's my BFF and had been wanting me to sell her stuff for years. She gave me the items after I stayed at her place. I have asked her several times to make sure she really wanted me to sell her pieces for my trip to skateboard in Argentina at the World Skate Games. 

I had know idea about the history of this tribe jacket or the OG t-shirts people like to buy.

I have not posted these yet but will in the next few weeks.

Pre-owned rare Exclusive Tribe Member Homeboy Stüssy Varsity Jacket 1987 small.

My last piece I have from my BFF Frances the name on the jacket is Francine her nickname at Stüssy. She was the third employee hired by Shawn. 

Back in 1987 the Stussy Tribe Varsity Jacket was simply known as the Homeboy Jacket, crafted with traditional letterman styling with a wool melton body, leather sleeves and irie colors on the chenille patch. It was created exclusively for members of the Tribe.
The one-of-a-kind jackets, featuring personalized embroidery on the breast pocket, would eventually become the International Stussy Tribe Jacket, symbolizing loyalty, authenticity and heritage.
From an article on High Snobiety:
Seen as a symbol for loyalty, authenticity and heritage, the IST is an OG piece of outerwear that sees its influence present on modern day staple streetwear offerings like the stadium jacket. The International Stussy Tribe Jacket is and will always be a reminder that success stems from meaningful relationships with like minded individuals."

Size Men's Small
Ribbed collar closed is 9" across
Chest 23 1/2 across
Length of jacket from back of collar to bottom hem is 27"
Sleeve length is 23"
3 inch cuff opened out and 20" leather sleeve
Pockets have a 5 1/2" opening
All quilted pattern lined inside
Has slight wear on sleeve ends minor. Please look at all of the photos. 
Irie Rasta Colored Chenille Patch on the back is 11 1/2" round
Wool Melton Body
Leather sleeves
Personalized embroidery Francine
The Jacket does not have any instructions or where it was made.

My eBay will is foyster2 I'm selling the last of the Stussy stuff now.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

GN4LW post to help Fundraising for the World Skate Games in Argentina!

Fundraising for the World Skate Games in Argentina!

More than halfway there in funds.
Big thank you to my BFF Cindy Whitehead for posting the "Support Judi Oyama in Going to Worlds for Slalom Racing!" article to help my fundraising efforts. I hate asking for help and so this has been a great vehicle to let people know I need help with expenses so I can skateboard internationally. Cindy is a Sportstylist® OG vert skateboarder and best friend since the 70's.
Cindy has a female empowerment movement & brand, “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” that gives back to girls in skateboarding via 501c3’s and micro-grants. GN4LW also creates opportunities and gives visibility to females in a male-dominated sport. Her mission has been profiled in espnW, Forbes, Teen Vogue and more.


You can pay LaCosta Racing a 501 c add my name to the notes here is a link to the donations page you can select support a team rider. Please make sure to add my name to the notes so I get the funds directly. You will get a letter for the donation for your taxes.

If you want to write a check make it out to La Costa Racing put my name in the memo. Snail Mail to 2148 Inyo St, Los Osos CA 93402

Be sure they put Argentina@ Judi Oyama on the memo line. They will send you a tax letter.

Email me if you would like to paypal or venmo me. I appreciate all the support.

Thank you to my sponsors.

NHS Fun Factory thank you Richard Novak and Jay Shuirman

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Bronson Bearings

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word Movement

Lenz Arts

RipTide Sports

Catto's Graphics

Jeff Traugott Guitars

Brenda of Hotline Wetsuits

Product Sponsors Are:

Independent Trucks since day one thanks to Fausto, Eric, and NHS

Giro Helmets

187 Killer Pads

Mob Grip Tape

Old Bones Therapy

Sk8Kings - Turbo Wheels

Thank you,

Judi O

Friday, August 12, 2022

Overcoming fears and riding the BAR skateboard ramp at 62! The last World Skate Games qualifier to compete in Argentina 2022

The Slalom Supreme in Salem
the BAR (
Bad Ass Ramp) 10'

Location: Bush’s Pasture Park, Salem, OR
Dates: July 23 & 24th, 2022

After a full day of racing on Saturday it was time to commit to the BAR (Bad Ass Ramp) I had done 7ft ramps before. One in Texas and one in Nevada City. The BAR in Texas was super scary because it was 3 feet wide, wobbly and leaned forward on the hill. You had to climb a ladder to get to the top and when you stood and looked down you could only see the curve of the ramp and then the pavement. It took coaching from Jonny Miller who said you got this. 
Because I ride vert and had practiced in Scotts Valley dropping into twinkie bowl as some of us call it. It goes over vert when you drop in and has the same feeling as the big ramp. It was scary but I did it.

So back to Oregon. I purposely didn't go to the top of the ramp with my skateboard in my hand the day before. I stood up there when it wasn't done and imagined myself going down the ramp. 
Sunday morning I watched Paul Howard go to the top 3 times with his board and walk back down the ramp. He's ridden it twice before when they set it up. He rides this hill more often than probably anyone. I thought to myself if he doesn't go down that ramp I'll probably never do it either.
My heart pounded everytime I imagined myself up on top looking to go down. I was sitting in my chair sweating just watching everyone go down.

Giant Slalom Final Results

How we read the times at the race. They only went to 10th place and so I wasn't sure when I left where I was in placings. It was great to see the final results posted. I placed 12th against men and women racers. I don't always run the GS races because they are fast and I'm more of a technical racer than a all out hill bomber. 

Saturday morning on the hill. It was cold and damp from the fog but that changed pretty quickly as it was supposed to be hot. 
Hybrid Slalom Final Results

Saturday afternoon I got 4th and skated until after 7:00 pm. It was hot and I was racing really well considering how many runs I had put in and was still trying to podium. I was happy with the end results because I was close and raced well all day.
Tight Slalom Final Results

One World Championship qualifier slot each 
Judi Oyama designed the poster and medal art.

Thank you Michael Dong for the spread sheets.
Thank you everyone for putting on the event.
Thank you John Stryker for designing and making the ramp.
Skip, Levi, Mark Harris for working on it too.


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Sizzler Slalom Skateboard Race 1st Qualifier for the World Skate Games

Cold Fusion Sizzler 2022 Slalom Skateboard Race 

Women's Overall First Lynn Kramer in the middle, I got second and Madie Prez placed third. 

World Skate Games Qualifier, in Hockley, Texas on the Soap Box Derby Hill, is in the record books. I had raced there before so I knew the hill and that we didn’t have to footbrake which is a big plus. The only thing I was worried about for weeks was the BAR. Big Ass Ramp, a 9 foot wobbly beast of a ramp that is tilted forward so you can’t see the ramp just the asphalt. Well, it died due to termites eating it for the past few years the race was postponed.

I placed 2nd overall in the women’s division. We had the largest women’s division (6) total from age 11-62. Maggie (11) was the only junior at the race she was amazing. Isa came from New Mexico and Madee from New Orleans, Lynn Kramer from San Diego. Lynn is the reigning 15 time Women’s World Champion and is fast as F#$% beating many of the pro men.

I placed 2nd overall amongst the men with George Papas taking first and placing in the top 3 men’s Pro as well as taking the 1 slot open to go to the World Skate Games in Argentina. Isa got the women’s slot and is seated to go as well, congrats to both of them. 

This was the weekend for me to try different boards, adjust trucks and change wheels. I realized the last two runs of the weekend I had my back trucks too tight because the hybrid and tight courses were fast and tight and I started running cleaner (hitting less cones) after loosening my truck.

Lesson learned and keep adjusting you can always adjust back. Thank you to my sponsors that helped me get to the races and provided the gear I needed to skate.

@santacruzskateboards @bronsonspeedco @mobgrip @riptidesports @girlisnota4letterword @lenzarts @oldbonestherapy @cattosgraphics @turbowheels team @sk8kingsskateboards
Santa Cruz Skateboards has sponsored me since I was 16, I am 62 now.

Live feed videos of the racing:

Here is a photo of the BAR Bad Ass Ramp so you can see the regular ramp from the 9 foot ramp. 2015

Here is a video link dropping in on one of my Giant Slalom Runs from 2015.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Skateboarding over 60 Getting and Keeping Skate Sponsors

I am not ashamed to tell people how old I am and never have been. I have been skateboarding for over 49 years. I didn't even think I would still be slalom skateboarding again for another 21 years. My OG Santa Cruz teammate Steve Olson told me that slalom racing has started up again and I should race. I searched the internet to see where slalom was happening and what board setups everyone was using. Got a hold of Henry Hester another OG teammate and he sent me a Nina Roe Racing deck that was named after his daughter. Fast forward to today next weekend I will be at the racing at the WSG Qualifier #1 Texas Sizzler XVII Mach 2 in Houston (Hockley) Texas.

A month ago I skated in Southern California and was stoked to get a post on one of my favorite websites Judi Oyama crushes it at the President's Jam in Poway Thanks to my BFF Cindy Whitehead who posted my slalom skateboard racing video on her IG and Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word Movement is fiscally sponsored by Skatepark Association International a 501c3 non-profit established in 2002 who sent me funds to help me to go to Argentina to compete in the World Skate Games. I am one of 4 women that got seated to represent the USA.

All these years of skateboarding I have had long relationships with companies that have sponsored me since I was 16. NHS Fun Factory owned by Rich Novak has been there for me. Bob Denike just celebrated 35 years of being the President of the company. I am humbled and honored to have so many companies support my skateboarding for all these years. 

I have been asking for product and financial support to help raise money to get to Argentina and the other races. It's not cheap and I have other responsibilities like raising a family, and caregiving for aging parents. I feel super fortunate to have several cool brands step up and help. 

Yesterday, Lenz Arts gave me a check to pay for flight the WSG Qualifier #1 Texas Sizzler XVII Mach 2 in Houston (Hockley) Texas. I have been working in-house on marketing products and behind the scenes changes that the customers can't see but will benefit from for years to come. They are an amazing family and I'm working on updating the website, POS and other visual merchandising and graphic projects.

Keeping and getting sponsors takes time and years of dedication. You need to ride the equipment give feedback on what works and doesn't work so it helps the company with future upgrades or products. Never bad mouth companies because it will come back to you. I always tell people to never burn a bridge. Cindy Whitehead and I talk about what it takes to get sponsors and want to help mentor young up and coming skaters. We both worry that because skateboarding has become an Olympic Sport that parents will push kids to the point they will not love skateboarding like we have for all these years. 

QR code to video on IG.

A big part of my continued skateboard abilities come from working out 5 days a week at CrossFit Aptos. Staying fit and strong has made a huge difference in my skateboarding and life in general, thank you to my awesome coaches. Thank you for posting my video on your Instagram.

QR code to video on CrossFit Aptos IG. 


I want to thank all of my skateboard sponsors:

New Updated Shirt in the works. 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Skateboarding Longevity and Determination Flashback Issue 1 of Thrasher Magazine

Today, I saw a post about the 500th issue of Thrasher Magazine on Instagram. I looked back at the first issue on Thrasher's website and noticed it had an article about Downhill Skateboard Racing and the Gold Cup Series that I had skated in. (I still have my first copy.)

Spread from the first issue of Thrasher Magazine flashback. 

A look back and realization that not being the top women's team rider changed me and probably helped me in the long run. At the Capitola Classic and I was ahead of all of the women even with a crash and sliding 25 feet down the double yellow in short shorts and hitting my head. 

After John Hutson won on a set of special Park Rider wheels that were super tall and fast, Jay put the winning wheels on Terry Brown's board and she beat me at the finish line. Winning is winning but I ended up with more photos and press because I raced my heart out. I wasn't the big name I ended up not getting the special wheels and placing second. In the long run it made me fight harder and continue to skate decades later. 

(For anyone that wonders why I stopped competing in vert it was the Winchester contest judges that made me stop competing in scored contests and just do timed events and that's another story. Because I get asked alot but don't usually tell why)

Decades later Terry told me she never considered that she won that race. It was good to hear but I will always remember feeling like the second pro rider for Santa Cruz and not as important. I was still honored and proud to be sponsored Santa Cruz Skateboards and Independent Trucks.

 Competition is competition it is cut throat and not everyone likes competing. You can have a career as a free rider in some sports like Surfing legend Santa Cruz surfer Josh Mulcoy and freeskier Cody Townsend. Skateboarding not so much.

Capitola Classic Downhill in Action Now with Michele Baker. Photo: James Cassimus

Capitola Classic shot by Dan Devine took that is in the Smithsonian Collection

If you had told me I'd still be skateboarding and racing in 2022 I would probably think you were cray cray. I remember another competitor asking me what it would be like skating in 20 years? I told her I probably won't be skating that was 18 years ago. 

This weekend I will be racing in Southern California my first head to head race since Morro Bay Classic 2019

Video by Gary Fluitt and crew