Thursday, September 21, 2023

Judi Oyama new angle of the practice run at World Skate Games video Coll...


Getting ready for Worlds in 1 week.

Going through some footage and came across this video that went viral on my Instagram. I am forever grateful for my sponsors and people that take video and photos and share them.

Thanks Eric Lynn Kramer's Husband
(I don't know his last name, I will update)

See you in Salem Oregon at the

links to more information and the live feed.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

No Comply Skate Art Show Closing date September 6, 2023

If anyone missed the opening to the No Comply Art Show they are having a closing ceremony. I was honored to be asked to be in the show with a host of amazing skateboard artists. I went have been an insecure artist when it comes to my drawing and painting. I airbrushed surfboards to get through SJSU in the evenings after work or school. 

I started this painting working on the Board Rescue Art Show and never finished it. I finished it and sent it to the show. Sugar Press Art printed 20 of these and 2 press proofs and 2 artists proofs that I got to keep. They are selling the rest. 

Print proof from Sugar Press limited signed run.

Artist: Judi Oyama
Title: Winchester Pink Pool
Edition: Archival pigment print on recycled Cotton Rag,
from an edition of 20
Size: 13 x 24 inches
Markings: Hand Signed & Numbered with Sugar Press chopmark.

Board Rescue Art Show work in progress with my son Ryan.

Stages of painting in progress.

Finished in front of my sheshed.

Friday, September 1, 2023

2023 US Slalom Skateboard Nationals Women's Results


Stoked to get an article about last week's US Nationals (put on my the La Costa Racing non-profit) in the local Santa Cruz Sentinel. This comes out today in print. Here is a link to the article. Thanks Jim Seimas for writing this. My hope is to get more skaters trying slalom racing since it's a great discipline to cross train for skateboarding. Next race will be the World Championships in Salem Oregon.


Some videos I posted on my youtube and IG

U.S. National Championships
of Slalom Skateboard Racing
Aug. 26 - 27, 2023 • Vista, California USA
Women's Results
for all results go Slalom Skateboarder

Women's Hybrid Slalom Skateboard Finals

I pulled out early and got a DQ (1.5 second penalty) on the first run. Learned a big lesson since I had faster times and ended up third.

1Lynn Kramer 
2Isa Ruiz 
3Judi Oyama 
4Lari-Ann Rupp USA
5Jennifer Coppa USA

Women's Tight Slalom Skateboard Finals
Single lane we each got 2 runs. My first run was clean but slower. I played it safe to get a time. My second run was better and I placed second.

1Lynn Kramer 
2Judi Oyama 
3Isa Ruiz 
4Lari-Ann Rupp USA
5Jennifer Coppa USA

Women's Dual Giant Slalom 
Skateboard Finals
I ran clean most of my runs until racing Lynn to the first and second place. She is super fast and as hard as I try to chase her down I still got second which I am happy about. 
At the World Skate Games I had the second fastest Giant Slalom time but in the finals my time was 2 seconds slower thus I ended up getting 5th.

1Lynn Kramer 
2Judi Oyama 
3Isa Ruiz 
4Lari-Ann Rupp USA
5Jennifer Coppa USA

Times for each race below:

Hybrid Slalom Skateboard Times

                Women's Tight Slalom Skateboard Times

             Women's Giant Dual Slalom Skateboard Times

US Nationals Overall Standings

1. Sam Inserra

1. Kelley Apanowicz
2. Maggie Harrison

1. Anton Gillespie
2. Bobby Thomas
3. Sean Graves
4. Aaron Inserra

Masters Overall:
1. Patrick Lehrmann
2. Gareth Roe
3. Paul Rowe
4. Marcos Soulsby-Monroy
5. Kenny Harrison

1. Lynn Kramer
2. Judi Oyama
3. Isa Ruiz
4. Lari Rupp
5. Jen Coppa

Men Pro:
1. Joe McLaren
2. Orion Lehrmann
3. Joseph Kyle Smith
4. Oshean Lehrmann
5. George Pappas

Current Women's World Ranking

 is a point system. I'm currently the second fastest in the USA and World by numbers. There are faster women racers coming to Worlds and that will show better who's the fastest. My goal is to be the second fastest USA rider. I'm good with that.

Men's World Ranking as of July 2023

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Slalomy Day in Salem Oregon viral video wow!

Photo's by Judi Oyama

I wasn't planning on going to this race, but I'm glad I did. I can't believe how many people have viewed the race posted on my Instagram account and all the interest in learning how to slalom skateboard race and what the equipment is. I'm going to post more how to and gear soon on this blog or youtube channel. 

I like to post results and some of the racing when I can. I know what it's like when you don't make a race and you want to see who is ahead and what the course looks like. USA Slalom Skateboarding was posting a live feed on Facebook

The first race was a dual hybrid which is a wider course with offsets and is not as technical as the tight which is usually harder because the cones are closer together. It was 75 cones long which is a good length for a race. Most of the time the road we are on is not long enough to have a cones and then room for footbraking or stopping. I wanted to get some racing in on this hill because the World Skate Championships are going to be held here in September 29, 30 and October 1st.

Commentary by Henry Hester a slalom champion from the 70's.

Judi Oyama 63 slalom skateboard racing Lari 28 Slalomy Day 7 29 2023

@judioyama IG

Video by Dave Baker.

Hybrid Results Men and Women's

Women's Final Hybrid Results

I won both races. Lari is an up and comer and will be passing me up soon.

Giant Slalom All Results
Best out of 3 Runs my last run was my slowest. 
I tried different wheels and had a head wind.
The sign says Hybrid but it's the GS.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

50 Years Skateboarding Video has motivated young and older to go out and play!

I did not expect the views that the video has had about my 50 years of skateboarding. I am super honored and stoked.

YouTube video link

Thank you everyone for the support. I am beyond surprised and even more motivated to keep skating. I got mostly nice comments and did expect a few negative ones but I don't care it's social media.

315,915 views Premiered Mar 8, 2023 as of April 29, 2023

Thank you my BFF for posting the YouTube link and story on your awesome website Girl's not a 4 Letter Word

on International Women's Day!

Celebrate International Women's Day - Judi Oyama Honored By Santa Cruz Skateboards!

And made this post:

And an important one to get slalom out to the world the Berrics posted it too.
Thank you! 

This was posted on Waval in Japan and translated thank you 



00:33 Meet Judi
00:51 Judi's Background
01:25 Growing Up in Santa Cruz
01:36 Minna Sighting!
01:47 Judi's First Skateboard made by her Brother
01:59 Santa Cruz First Wooden Skateboard
02:35 The Capitola Classic
04:15 Meeting Novak and Jay
04:28 Getting Sponsored
04:43 Encouraging The Next Generation
05:56 10 foot roll in!
06:14 Winchester Skatepark
06:35 Inception of Independent Trucks
06:53 Judi Helps Santa Cruz & Indy Grow Their Teams
07:05 Novak, Haut & Shuirman
07:16 Being Present For First Independent Truck Roll In
07:31 Judi Shares EPIC RELICS with us!
08:03 Judi's Involvement with NHS Skate Museum
08:27 Judi & Slalom Racing
09:05 Judi Ripping Today!
10:04 Argentina
10:20 CrossFit
11:13 Judi is Proud of Women Skateboarding
11:35 Judi's Legacy

Guest appearances: Minna Stess, Jamie Hart, Cliff Coleman and Gary Holl Produced by Alex White Co-Produced by Joe Perrin Camera Op: Joey Digital Editor: Richie Valdez Archival Photos by: Daniel A. Anderson Gary Medeiros Michael Smiley Goldman Bill Golding Dan Devine Richard Oyama Reg Caselli Jesse Perrin Monique Soderhall Michael Chantry Archival Video by: John Ravitch Collin Kruse Daniel Carettoni

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Thank you to Outside Magazine that started the whole social media post surge.

This was posted on GIrls Skate Network. I came across this today September 28, 2023. Thank you for posting.