Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo Shoot at the Santa Cruz Skatepark today

Zach sneaking a run in before the rest are over the fence with the gear.

Lucia shooting Zach Wormhoudt at the skate park named after his father. Rain cleared up and the park had dry spots.

Zach grabs my camera and shot me getting photographed. The wave was a big project and a big part of 2006-07. What was really weird is while we were waiting for the crew to show up Larry Crocker drove by and waved. He is the one that sand blasted the wave with Diamond D Concrete.

After spending 2 1/2 hours stuck at my house in Aptos due to a Sheriff road block at the only road into our neighborhood waiting for the SWAT team to come extract a neighbor who had baracaded himself in. Which caused my kids to missed their dentist appointment with Garrett Kubota at 2:00. (Had a really good excuse.) Ben Marcus emailed about meeting to shoot with Zach Wormhoudt at the Santa Cruz Skate park. Ben was just leaving from shooting Novak and Doug Haut and NHS crew. (Jeff Kendall, David Freil, Bob Denike, Tim Piumarta OG.) with photographer Lucia Griggi. How could I get to the park in 45 minutes. Well I called around and got my mom to come meet me across the field on Haas Drive. As I'm walking to meet her I notice no police road block and get back in my car and head for the park. Called her thanked her a million times over and got to the shoot in time. Ben showed up a few minutes later. Kids were skating in the wet park. One police car did a drive by a few minutes later another comes through the parking lot. Sees us and keeps driving. He then stops at the curb with his lights on and talks to the boys in the park. Zach shows up then Lucia and Jason. After the others clear we jump the fence and do the shoot. The photos might appear in the new skateboard history book with the Tony Hawk, Cab, Blackhart, Olson, The Z-boys, Logans, and many other historic skaters. I know that the Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation will for give us for barging it will be worth it down the road.

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