Friday, February 23, 2018

List of Skateboard Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees and I'm one!

Photo: Bill Golding

I am truly honored to be included in this years Skateboard Hall of Fame 2018 induction. Yesterday at noon I watched the Facebook live announcement. I told myself to be prepared to not get in so I wouldn't be disappointed. To my surprise I was the first person announced by Laura Thornhill. Congrats to Pattie Hoffman who was the only other female to make this years SHOF. More will get in. It was the first time I was on the list.

Thank you to all my friends and family that supported my skateboarding passion. To Cindy Whitehead and John Ravitch who always believed when I did not.

Here is the ticket info on the event set for a special Starwars May the 4th be with you date.


Enjoy a night of fun, friends and great memories as we honor the skateboarders, industry pioneers and icons that have left an indelible imprint on the history of skateboarding and our culture. The 8th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Icon Awards Ceremony presented by House of Vans will be held at the City National Grove of Anaheim, California on May 4, 2018. 2018 Inductees

1960s: Tommy Ryan

1970s Era 1: Mike Weed

1970s Era 2: David Hackett and Brad Bowman

1980s Era 1: Allen Losi

1980s Era 2: Matt Hensley

1990s: Guy Mariano

Female: Pattie Hoffman and Judi Oyama

Icons: Skateboarder Magazine, Bahne Skateboards, and Jeff Ho

Event Schedule 5:00 PM VIP HAPPY HOUR




10:00 PM Special Musical Guest



All proceeds benefit the not-for-profit efforts of the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame and the Go Skateboarding Foundation. The Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Icon Awards Ceremony is a production of the International Association of Skateboard Companies under license from the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame™.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Who made the 2018 Skateboarding Hall of Fame

2018 Skateboarding Hall of Fame nominees

I've been skateboarding since 1973. I skate because I love skateboarding. Thank you everyone for the calls, texts, likes and comments. I am truly thankful.

There are several men's categories. I don't want to complain but putting all the women in one category is rough. Each decade had it's hero's. The bowl riding we did in the 70's is nothing like what these women and girls can do now. I've ridden since 1973. My first race was in 1973 my last race was Nevada City 2017.

First Capitola Race photo my dad Richard Oyama

Nevada City race 2016 and 2017 photos Brad T. Miller

Team Santa Cruz NorCal N-men crew photo taken at the Sierra Wave in Sacramento 70's

Winchester Skatepark

Female I put links to the women. If you want a different link let me know. Congrats to all of the ladies! and the men.

Brenda Devine (RIP)

Colleen Boyd 

Deanna Calkins 

Desiree Von Essen Harrington

Edie Robertson

Judi Oyama

Linda Benson

Pattie Hoffman

Tina Trefethen 

1. 1960's

Cliff Coleman

Cris Dawson

Dave Hilton

John Fries

Tommy Ryan

2. 1970's Era One

Bob Biniak

Chris Yandall

Denis Shufeldt

John Hutson

Mike Weed

Waldo Autry

3. 1970's Era Two

Brad Bowman

Chris Strople

David Hackett

Dennis Martinez

Doug "Pineapple" Saladino

Kevin "The Worm" Anderson

Rick Blackhart

Tom Inouye

4. 1980's Era One

Allen Losi

Billy Ruff

John "Tex" Gibson

Lester Kasai

Micke Alba

Mike Smith

5. 1980's Era Two

Jeff Grosso

Jeff Phillips

Jesse Martinez

Matt Hensley

Mike Vallely

Ray Barbee

6. 1990's

Chad Muska

Guy Mariano

Jason Lee

Kareem Campbell

Kris Markovich

Pat Duffy

Salman Agah

Sean Sheffey

Tom Penny

7. Female

Brenda Devine

Colleen Boyd 

Deanna Calkins

Desiree Von Essen Harrington

Edie Robertson

Judi Oyama

Linda Benson

Pattie Hoffman

Tina Trefethen 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Made the 2018 Skateboarding Hall of Fame list for the first time

I'm super excited to be a 2018 Skateboarding Hall of Fame nominee. Congrats to my fellow nominees in the female division: Desiree Von Essen, Deanna Calkins, Edie Robertson, Pattie Hoffman, Brenda Devine (RIP), Colleen Boyd, Linda Benson, and Tina Trefethen. The ceremony is May 4th in Anaheim. (two will be inducted) This is the first time I've made the cut. Wow! I am honored.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Gold Rush Classic 2017 Giant Slalom Results

Photo: Brad T. Miller September 2, 2017 First place Giant and Super Giant Slalom

Capitola Classic 1980 photo by my dad. 37 years apart. I don't practice the fast riding since it's hard to find hills. I need to work on my tuck! lol

Year two Gold Rush Classic in Nevada City California, during the hottest days of the century. One of the best giant slalom and super giant slalom runs ever. I use to skip the Giant Slalom because I felt it was too fast and gnarly for me, but over the past few years I starting riding them with Jamie Hart and Cliff Coleman. I'd go up as high as they would go up. Then one of us would get up on the ramp and then it would push one of us to get on the ramp. It was like dammit now I have to do it. I didn't go off the big ramp during the giant slalom it was hard to get through the top 5-6 cones. There was a bump in the road that made your board jump if you weren't careful.

For the Super Giant slalom I did one practice run from the lower ramp and made the course just fine. I hit one cone near the bottom which is jolting at those speeds. Your legs are pretty heated by the last section. We were given 3 runs during the race. I did one run off the regular ramp and got a fast time. I got up on the big ramp even with being scared but anxious I went for it. It felt faster than the first run. I never checked my time which is a big no no and didn't check Nicole's time a fast downhiller since I was 3 seconds faster on the first run. It was 102 on the top of the hill I was just happy and took the rest of the day off. I thought I didn't need to try and go faster, it was hot and I was stoked and done. I probably should of taken a last run and raced myself and done the big ramp again.

I'm stoked to have one and know that these two ladies will be fast and make me try harder. They needed the right set up and will get the hang of it for next year! They didn't make the top of the course mainly because they were riding downhill boards that don't turn like a slalom board. I'm watching and listening to Underexposed Skate Documentary a women's skate documentary. The women's skate movement is strong and I hope to encourage more women, moms and girls to go skate. I have fought the system for decades. I was sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 70's, Indy...I have sponsors still and appreciate all they do. Thanks Sk8kings Skateboards for the awesome fast wheels and killer boards. Thanks Brad T. Miller for the awesome photos and Ripetide Skates for the PSD foot stops, Bronson Speed Bearings for the fastest speeds.

My two cents all you ladies, mom's and girls. Be kind to each other. Don't be the bullies to each other. Focus on skateboarding. Keep it fun. Support each other don't bring each other down.

Juniors Giant Slalom

1st Dartanyan Ward 55.920

Juniors Super G

1st Dartanyan Ward 47.379

Women Giant Slalom

1st Judi Oyama 48.813

Women Super G

1st Judi Oyama 43.55

2nd Nichole Rose Catambay 44.25

Masters Giant Slalom

1st Jonathan Harms 42.665

2nd Rick Floyd 43.371

3rd John Ravitch 44.271

4th Jack Russell Will 46.250

5th Clifford Coleman 46.265

6th Bruce Norski 47.798

7th Jamie Hart 48.361

8th Randy Katen 48.577

9th Glen A Stallings 51.003

Masters Super G 1st RickPink Floyd 37.470

2nd Cliford Coleman 39.665

3rd Marty Radan 40.502

4th Jamie Hart 40.884

5th Glen Stallings 42.278

6th Bruce 'Norski' Bjortvedt 43.091

Open Giant Slalom 1st Jonathan Harms 42.374

2nd Gary Fluitt 42.747

3rd Max Vickers 42.862

4th Eric Tokle 44.362

5th Keith Henderson 45.647

Open Super G

1st Max Vickers 36.300

2nd Gary Fluitt 37.675

3rd Keith Henderson 37.704

4th Jonathan Harms 37.894

5th Eric Tokle 38.042

Local Nevada City paper

Monday, August 7, 2017

The CrossFit Games in Madison is a wrap

The hotel has no wifi so I had time to write this blog of the Monday the day after the CrossFit Games in Madison. I write this blog when I have time and have done something I want to keep in the archives.

The CrossFit Games is a wrap.

A big shout out to the volunteers and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I powered many days of work prior to leaving and I got sick. I’m sure it had nothing to do with two weeks prior racing at the West Coast Championships in Salem Oregon and then running the Wharf to Wharf 6K the following week and not taking a breather. I was hacking and coughing most of the week if I had been home I’d have been in bed. (lol) I felt bad for my colleagues around me and kept going into the hall to clear my lungs. I had not been sick in over two years and of all things I get sick the week of the Games.

I worked on the score cards and was going back and forth most of the first 3 days between the media room where I was tagging and picking out photos for social media and CF Journal articles. The big bonus was that the Score Cards room called the Bat Cave was next door last year it was a trek to get to them going back and forth took a walk and a few flights of stairs and an elevator ride which was a good mini workout and got my blood moving.

This year Taylor (my son) got to go and he volunteered and was running memory cards for the photographers. He went from not sure about if he’d made the right choice finding out we had 12+ days to wanting to go again next year. He is stoked about CrossFit again after taking a break from doing it and realizing how cool my job is. I asked him which division he enjoyed more the teens, masters or the individuals and to my surprise the group that made the most impact was the 50+ and up category. I think a bubble went off in his head about using CrossFit to be strong and how useful it is in everyday lift. These people look like your normal elder person and then they take their shirt off and they have a six pack and are a fit as can be.

I got to see my cousin Carli and her friends for a few minutes they came all the way from Niceville Florida. Carli inspired me to try CrossFit she taught classes in South Korea (husband was a CrossFitter and Jet Pilot instructor for the US) and is a badass too. I had enough time to hand her a few tanks and some stickers and buttons. I didn’t expect her too send me some awesome selfies of her and her friends with Nicole from CF Training, Sam Dancer, and Tommy.

I didn’t get to see any of the events in person, last year we were able to look out the window from our box seats and watch between breaks every hour of doing 20 air squats or push ups. This year we were in a room with a bank of large tv monitors which was great but I think next year I’d like to at least watch a little bit in person for a few minutes. Maybe help run cards one round so I can work and watch and get a little peak of all the live action.

The women's finals were super exciting since Tia and Kara were so close in points and Tia placed second in the final event. I thought she had gotten moved down to second and it was so special to see her win. We were all in tears in the photo area at least the folks around me.

Congrats to all of the competitors! Here is a link to the Games site for more info.

Proven: Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey


Tia-Clair Toomey  

2. Kara Webb  

3. Annie Thorisdottir  


Mat Fraser  

2. Brent Fikowski  

3. Ricky Garard  


Wasatch CrossFit

2. CrossFit Mayhem  

3. CrossFit Fort Vancouver


Sorry to the ladies that were so sweet to wore my tanks. Sorry I had no free time to meet up. The Badass Skatemom thing is my side fun personal project. This was work week for me. I'll take care of you when I get back to Santa Cruz.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

CrossFit Regionals Schedule 2017 Judi's cheat sheet


The fittest men, women and teams from 17 worldwide areas will head to one of eight regional events over three weekends starting in May for their chance to compete at the Games:

Twenty men, 20 women and the top teams will advance from regions in the U.S. and Canada.

Thirty men, 30 women and the top teams will advance from Europe and Australia.

Ten men, 10 women and the top teams will advance from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Season Schedule

May 19 - 21, 2017

East Regional | Albany, New York |Times Union Center

South Regional | San Antonio, Texas | Alamodome

May 26 - 28, 2017

Pacific Regional | Wollongong, Australia | WIN Entertainment Centre

California Regional | Del Mar, California | Del Mar Arena

Central Regional | Nashville, Tennessee | Music City Center

June 2 - 4, 2017

Meridian Regional | Madrid, Spain | Caja Mágica

West Regional | Portland, Oregon | Portland Expo Center

Atlantic Regional | Atlanta, Georgia | Georgia World Congress Center

I made this page for my own use. I will be working at HQ selecting photos. I wanted one place to go that made it easy to see events and info that I needed. If it helps you as well, I'm stoked. Enjoy. To find each regional you can click on the city names when you are on this Regionals linked here page.

Exhibitors are listed on each page here is California for example.

Stoked to see my friend Ryan's company 4505 Meats as a new vendor. You can click on each logo and it takes you to their website.


The 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. After seven years at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, the Games will move to a new location for at least the next three years.

In 2010, the Games moved from the Ranch in Aromas, California, to the StubHub Center (formerly Home Depot Center) in Carson, California. The new location accommodated a much larger group of athletes and spectators. The Games have been held at the StubHub Center every July since—until now.

The Games will start Tuesday, Aug. 1, and run until Sunday, Aug. 6.

Teenage and Masters Competitions*

Dates TBA

Individual and Team Competitions

Dates TBA

*The masters competition will now include a 35-39 Masters Division. See "Online Qualifier" section above for additional details. main page

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Skateboard Sports Hall of Fame Speech Judi Oyama Class of 2017

Last nights Aptos High Sports Hall of Fame Dinner at Seascape was awesome. I am proud to be inducted with a fellow athletes from Aptos. I was the oldest class of 1977. It was great seeing coaches Jame Townsend and Lynch. At the end of the night we talked about Dave Devine. I thanked him in my speech and they said it brought great memories. We got a great plaque, award, lifetime pass to all Mariners events and a t-shirt. Big thanks to all that helped put it on and to Mark Dorfman, the Athletic Director.

Thank you to my BFF skate buddy John Ravitch for writing my retrospective. We have been skating together for the past 15 years. We skated back in the day but didn't know each other until we met in Hood River while I was walking to the race. I'm so grateful we met and stay friends. I am even more motivated now to try and go to Worlds in Canada in September. Thanks everyone that came up and talked to me as well. It was nice to see old friends and meet new ones as well.

Here is my speech.

For the record I’m more nervous public speaking then launching myself off a 9 foot ramp. I was super stoked to get this award and then stressed about having to get up in front of everyone and speak. I think awarding a skateboarder into their Sports Hall of Fame may be a first for any High School Sports program and a woman on top of that even better. Thank you! Congrats to Aptos High for being ahead of other programs by recognizing big wave riders Tyler Fox and Peter Mel, extreme skiers like Cody Townsend (who’s dad Jamie was my English Teacher) and many other athletes that do sports that aren’t usually a mainstream sport. I am honored to receive this recognition for a sport that has always been considered renegade. Skaters have a reputation for being bad but we’re not all bad. I have been skateboarding for over 44 years. I learned to skate when I was 13 with my brother Cary. We bought a board together for $24.95 and I never stopped skating. Cary couldn’t be here tonight because it’s his night to care take my mom and her husband we take turns with other family members. I learned how to skate the same ages my parents were in the Japanese Internment Camps. I reflect all the time that they didn’t have the same childhood I had so take advantage of every opportunity that I can. I’ve kept skateboarding because I love to skate. NO, I can’t do an ollie which a lot of the boys ask my son Ryan. I did learn to tail drop at the skatepark on my 50th birthday. I don’t ride pools or parks as well as I did before but that adrenaline I feed off of slalom racing on the other hand which is faster than in the past because the equipment has improved. I keep thinking I’m going to stop but then I go to a race and I come back energized and stoked again. I know if I stop I’ll never start again. I have to thank my dad for taking me to the skateparks up and down the coast while he went golfing. It was a perfect combo for the both of us. He still golfs here regularly. Thank you to my family for letting me go skate on the weekends and keep racing, and to many of my friends that probably get tired of my talking about skateboarding.

A few years ago at the World Championships in Texas they had two start ramps a regular 4 foot and a 9 foot that they called the BAR which stood for Big Ass Ramp. I went up to the top via a ladder it was shaky, creaky and I looked down and said hell no and climbed back down. But when we started racing and there were two younger women one from Russia and Latvia, both the fastest in their countries. I knew I had to get back up on the ramp. My teammate who is 10 years younger and no kids was in first place, I wanted second. I climbed up the ramp that was tilted at a forward angle so when you dropped in you couldn’t see part of the ramp just the pavement. I just looked ahead and went for it and took two seconds off my time and that got me second place. The ramp, not the race, was my accomplishment. One of the ladies came up to me after the race and said you are crazy. I’m not sure if I’m crazy but I know I will always challenge myself.

I always encourage women and girls on the sidelines that are watching their husbands, boyfriends or brothers skateboarding to try it. There is no reason to be a spectator. Get out there and do it whatever it is. I don’t want to have any regrets for not trying something. Many people don’t have the opportunity we to have to do all types of challenging and fun sports. Thank you for recognizing people that have a passion for a non conventional sport like skateboarding.


Aptos High Hall of Fame Class of 2017 >> The latest Hall of Fame class for Aptos High will be celebrated with a special ceremonies and awards banquet on Saturday at Seascape Golf Club. The class includes Judi Oyama (Class of 1977), Tracy Mitchell (Class of 1980) and Mike Schiro (Class of 1991), while Steve Bunner (Class of 1980) will be inducted as an honorary member. The Class of 2017 will also include K.C. Fox (2005), Casey Nevitt (2003), Bobby Powers (2000), Kelly Stratton (1990) and Bryan Van Meter (2004).

Saturday, April 15, 2017

First High School Sports Hall of Fame for Skateboarding? Female Skateboarder

I am honored to be inducted into the Aptos High School Sports Hall of Fame for Skateboarding, following other actions sports athletes like Big Wave Surfers Peter Mel, Tyler Fox founder of Santa Cruz Waves and extreme skier Cody Townsend. His dad Jamie was my English Teacher. The special ceremonies and awards banquet Saturday, April 29 at Seascape Golf Club. The Hall of Fame event begins with Social Hour at 4 p.m., with dinner and the program beginning at 5 p.m. 610 Clubhouse Dr, Aptos, CA 95003 Phone: 688-3213
More info. Sports Hall of Fame 2017 Aptos Times article here Winchester Skatepark photo January 1979 photo by Michael Smiley Goldman 10" pink pool 2 feet vert. Directions

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thank you you're Awesome

Thank you everyone for placing orders with my tiny brand Badass Skatemom I have been sewing, packing, shipping every night and morning. I was sitting at work watching the CrossFit open 17.4 when Nicole Carroll's video came on and she was wearing the Mermaid tank. I was like Mermaid! and then my phone starting binging with orders within 30 minutes. I am out of some sizes and waiting for my order to come from Catto's Graphics. I am self funded and print locally. I have been bugging Scott every day. I hope to get my order in soon. I placed a second reorder of Pinks and Teal since so many people have seen my first run colors which was tone on tone. I add stickers to each of my orders. I will add a Big Mermaid to all the orders and appreciate how nice everyone has been.

New colors with my next reorder.

These are coming a few weeks after my reorder.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Badass Wall Ball Targets

The CrossFit Open 2017 starts today at 5:00 pm. This is my second Open working at CrossFit HQ and my third that I've signed up to do the workouts. I designed the CrossFit Aptos Wall Balls last year and we finally installed them last weekend. I have updated the Mermaid and the Strong is Beautiful design since I posted them on Instagram. I designed these from stickers that I have made. Installing the first set Wall Balls I realized you need a few guide of where to hit and where the line should be so I added a faint line behind the skull and the water line in the Mermaid. The Badass word is exactly center and marks the line. I have a Crosshair maker in that one. I was going to put it on the others but changed my mine cause it was distracting and you can aim at the Skulls teeth and the Mermaids mouth as the hit point. CrossFit is all about having fun and a little attitude. I have both. lol

Made in the US $15.00 each. Once I get enough in stock I will over bulk buys of 10 and 20 wall balls.

These are from the first test run.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

CrossFit inspired Signage Be Awesome and Wake-up Kickass Repeat coffee mugs soon!

First round of samples came in this week. I am going to get the final batch silkscreened so I get the rich colors and handmade feel that I want. As a designer with a retail background and experience doing trade show graphics and point of purchase design I felt a need some welcome signage with some attitude. They will be available on my website.

I have some mugs in the works too.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Adobe Max 2016 Surfboard at the BASH

Super stoked to have the opportunity to go to my first Adobe Max with my CrossFit HQ Media crew. A few weeks prior to the event I painted a surfboard to be displayed at the Bash and in the Skateboard Build room. I got the board on Thursday and had to have it done and delivered to Adobe HQ by Monday morning. No problem even with the Santa Cruz CrossFit Affiliate Cup on Saturday morning which took half my day. I started it Friday in the woods at HQ during lunch putting on the primer coat. Sprayed the blue on Saturday and then the yellow top on Sunday. The weather wasn't so good on Sunday and so I had to use my blow drier between coats and had a few issues with the dry time but I had to power on and get it done.

Thank you to Scott at Catto's Graphics who cut out my graphics that I was able to pick up on Friday on my way home from work otherwise I was going to go without my design templates that saved tons of hand cut drawing time that I didn't have.

Thank you Jennifer Wills and Monika Wolff at W plus W for having me work on the board for Russell Brown.

Here are a few shots of the Surfboard in progress and at the Adobe MAX event.

Wishing it was sunny today #surfboard spray topcoat #montanapaint #aptos

A video posted by Judi Oyama (@judioyama) on

Cool to see my #surfboard at #adobemax2016 #strongisbeautiful #shaka #cooperthedog @cattosgraphics

A photo posted by Judi Oyama (@judioyama) on

#adobemax2016 #mermaid #surfboard the bottom of my #Shaka yellow board thanks @jen_iron_wills @cattosgraphics

A photo posted by Judi Oyama (@judioyama) on