Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo shoot for Skateboard History book

Despite the rain yesterday we found a dry spot at the Lake Cunningham skate park and once that was rideable it seemed the park started drying up pretty quick. Lucia Griggi shot Rick Blackhart in the Pipe, Gary Holl by the backside of the cradle. Looks like a concrete sphere and Cab at home since his son was sick. I got a fun pick but it won't make the book as I've just been the conduit for a bunch of skaters like Keith Meek, Mike "Smiley" Goldman, Don and Danielle Bostick of World Cup Skateboarding.
Check a few picks out on Ben's site. Some great stuff.
There are a ton of skaters that made a difference to skate all over the World in every nook and cranny. We skate because we love the sport. I'm looking forward how many of us will be the first generation of skaters that will be the over 50 skaters. NOT the same age growing of generations of the past.

Skater for Life!

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