Friday, January 29, 2010

Lake Cunningham double photo shoot Nikki Brooks

While waiting for the concrete to dry and between shooting with Lucia Griggi, Gary, Patti and I were skating around having fun trying some freestyle moves with Gary Holl. Nikki Brooks came over from Santa Cruz with Ben Marcus for the shoot. Nikki takes great photos as well so we got a twofer that day. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to have her send these photos and thought I would share. Patty in the bowls playing as the park was not open. I warmed up in the pool as it was super cold and there was snow on the mountain tops this day. Rick Blackhart in the full pipe was ripping until he crashed. I push the helmet thing on him and I got the finger. This run or the next he hit the ground pretty fing hard. Not saying but saying told you so.

Nikki's Jetty Girl write up.

Big thank you to the guys at the Lake Cunningham Skate Park you guys rock!

Patty created this great Women's skateboarding Audio piece that is really good, part of it was made at Lake Cunningham Skate park with Steve Caballero and his daughter Kayla who is quite the ripper.

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