Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First woman inducted in a High School Sports Hall of Fame for Skateboarding?

Well not sure about it but I am honored to be inducted into Aptos High Schools Hall of Fame. I got a call last week from Mark Dorfman the Athletic Director. I was informed that I had been on the short list for a few years and that I finally got into the SHOF for the school. My son Ryan Foy goes there now and plays football. I've walked by the SHOF signs and read names like Tyler Fox (Maverick Surfer founder of Santa Cruz Waves) Peter Mel (Big Wave Surfer dad founded and runs Freeline Design) and Cody Townsend (Extreme Skier known for doing the epic chute video and who's dad was my English Teacher and who I got Giro helmets for before he was a big name but that's another story).

The Dinner isn't until April 2017 and it will be at the Seascape Golf Course. In the 70's I skateboarded for Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Park Riders Wheels, Cellblocks Riser Pad, OJ Wheels. I have never bought skate shoes I was given Van's and other skate brands as my friends worked at different skate companies. I am fortunate. I always tell new skaters never burn a bridge. Be respectful. If someone offers you a product use it and if it's not something you ride don't take it just to take it.

I raced last weekend at the US Nationals in Oceanside California. Placed 2nd in the women's and beat some of the men in the Hybrid and Tight slalom skateboard race. The Giant slalom was from the top of the hill super rough pavement and fast. I am stoked to be riding and getting support from Sk8kings Skateboards, Turbo Wheels, Independent Trucks, Khiro Skateboard Products, Bronson Bearings, NHS Fun Factory, Rip Tide Foot stops and shoes from Krysta DC rep... Thank you to Lynn Kramer fastest woman on a skateboard who has won the World Title for 12 years in a row. Di Dotson for supporting the women and getting sponsorship monies to match the men's purse. I've been racing for over 40 years. It is still something that needs fixing in many of the male dominated action sports. It will happen but all the women need to work together not against each other. I'm glad the last skate park contests let girls submit a video to get it because it should not be controlled by women that gang together and only invite the girls they know. There are lots of unknown skaters out there that need to have a chance.

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