Monday, July 25, 2016

CrossFit Games Behind the Scenes

Day 7 in LA working at the CrossFit Games. I'm super stoked to be here working on score cards and ingesting photos. 4 of us are sitting in the rooms above the soccer field getting the photographers cards, uploading, reviewing, sending photos to Social Media and putting together photo requests for the CrossFit Journal and internal needs, occasionally we stand up and stair out the window or walk around but not for long as we have a constant flow of digital media to review.

Each day we would get in at 7:00 am and we leave around 10:00 pm. On Wednesday we would do 20 air squats every hour and did 260 of them. Thursday we did 20 sit ups every hour and then before leaving we ran each row of stairs until we went around the whole stadium. It took me 45 minutes the others were done much faster. Friday we did modified push ups against the counter looking out the window. Saturday was a busy day so we did air squats when we had small gaps of time.

As a CrossFit lover and fan it is hard to read all the angry comments people post about the CrossFit Games. I work on the media team as the only graphic designer at the Santa Cruz HQ offices. Some people were so bitter about not being able to see the Aromas part of the individuals. Do you really think they could of gotten a full crew working at the ranch and the word wouldn't of gotten out about all of the athletes going there? The Open 16.5 event we had a huge crew and truck loads of camera gear and wifi set up. In 2013 there was one truck at the Staples Center and now there are like a dozen. It is impressive to see what goes behind the scenes here and with a small crew of people that are doing it.

I hope you enjoyed the show many of you will see more than several of us that work at CrossFit will see because we will be in the rooms feeding all the photos and info that we can. Thank you to all the volunteers that I met that came from all over the world. I was in the judging Bat Cave room working on Score Cards and it was amazing to see all of the passion and dedication for the sport.

I run a small company called Badass Skatemom I design some small runs of t shirts and stickers it's been a fun way to do something for myself and friends.

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