Thursday, January 28, 2016

Event Santa Cruz Sports Talk

Thank you everyone and Matthew of Event Santa Cruz. I woke up at 4:00 am this morning and was of course regretting not doing a better job. One I wanted to mention the up coming A Very Pleasure-Able Point Valentines with my Badass Skatemom brand. Named inspired by all my friends and people that just plain would say you're a Badass Skatemom at skateboard races and at the skatepark. Skateboarding has been a passion since I was a teen which got me to sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards.

It all started while watching Jim Phillips work with Richard Novak and Jay Shuirman going over sketches to final ink art. I worked at the Santa Cruz Surf Shop for 13 years while going to Cabrillo College and SJSU and airbrushing surfboards at night. Long story short I got work in the field I was passionate about Surf, Skate and Snowboarding. I opened my business and started working with Billabong, Sessions, Hotline, Beckmann's Bread. I learned much about retail and was a buyer worked on Window forward. Trade Show graphics, in-house art director Rockshox, Giro Sport Design. While still running my business on the side and giving work to collaborators.

Back to running my business and getting jobs with Cisco, Whole Foods...working with same collaborators that I gave many projects and clients too.

My new passion and new life doing CrossFit which started almost 3 years ago. I got an email from Zac Pine about doing a CrossFit logo for CrossFit Aptos. In no short order my designs started turning into CrossFit related signage seeing a need for signage around the box. Now I'm working on more designs and now doing some contract with CrossFit Headquarters. I am so excite and stoked to be doing what I love.

If you work hard enough and push through you can get what you want. I am doing work that I love.

A Very Pleasure-Able Point Valentines Join us on Saturday February 13th from 10-6 at 907 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz for special sweet things for your special sweet thing. Back with us is: Badass Skatemom, Jimbo Phillips Graphix, SHELTER Handboards & Surf Co., This Tiny Ocean, and Iris Coffee. Joining us will be Primrose and Lace Lingerie and Ashby Confections. Thank you everyone who came by last time. We have new items coming just for Valentines for this event!

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