Friday, January 1, 2016

A Skateboarder made the Box Magazine Community Spirit CrossFit Faces

Photo Jessica Wade

And it was me. I had posted on the CrossFit Blog after racing at Worlds the past few years each year seeing a huge improvement in my skating because of doing CrossFit. This year in Kentucky the morning of the first day of the World Championships I realized that I had brought two right skate shoes and my CrossFit shoes. Of course I knew where the closest CrossFit was if I had time and energy. All my skate gear is black. Imagine that. I looked at my shoes and thought really? And so it goes luckily the right show is my stopping shoe which matters to me most for foot braking. My front shoe not so important but it helped to have a flat shoe sole instead of a taller running shoe. CrossFit has helped my skateboarding to keep endurance. It has helped me in so many ways mentally.

I am passionate about it as much as I am about skateboarding.

Happy New Years 2016.

Be Badass Everyday! is my goal for 2016.

Big thank you for getting an article in The Box Magazine

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