Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dream CrossFit Design Job

Change is good.

For over a year I have wanted to work at CrossFit HQ located in Scotts Valley and kept tabs on if they had any openings. I have been working on graphic design projects for CrossFit Aptos for over a year with Zac (HQ Illustrator and Level 2 trainer), Heather (coach) and Bruce (coach) the COO of CrossFit. I started Badass Skatemom nine months ago a little side business CrossFit inspired Box signage, stickers and apparel. The Job title is a few steps back from Creative Director but after walking through the offices and meeting all the people and having heard great stories about working there I didn't care. Going in as a senior designer gives me room to move up. I know the caliber of work I am able to do and that's all that matters.

Long story short as they say, I competed against 104 other designers which got narrowed to 5 and then 2 to me.

First perk is getting to take a level one CrossFit course. It will be good to learn the movements and know what to look for while searching for images. Having access to a box downstairs two morning classes to choose from and Karate classes at lunch time 3 days a week is exciting to say the least, I have always wanted to do a martial art. The office is dog friendly and skateboarding to and from the break room common. Seems every day I learn about a new perk. And free massages too. I've already signed up for two sessions and Monday at lunch we get to watch the new movie Fittest On Earth 2015: Documentary. I love CrossFit, Design, and Skateboarding. Happy to say I got all of that and more!

I'll be close to the Scotts Valley Skatepark and my old work friends at Easton Bell Sports and Zero Motorcycles.

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