Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crossfit and my Graphic Design Passion Collided

Running at 6:00 am is not always fun, it pretty much sucks. I am the slowest and oldest at the Crossfit I go to in Aptos. One morning I was running and thinking about the early dump trucks that come around the corner and thought slow down or Warning runners or Crossfitters with medicine balls or Kettle Balls. That's the mom in me and the designer. Bubble, Hey what about CF inspired signage, thus the Handstand and the woman pushing the Sled. I have so many ideas all the time but I rarely actually pull the trigger and make something. Well I made these yellow Crossing graphics at 4" vinyl stickers that I am getting on Monday and will post on my site. Something I started 6 weeks ago.

Pricing out the outside 18" x 18" yellow Xing signs. The more orders I get the lower the price. Same goes for the Heroes Restroom signage. Now that was process. I wanted to do Heroes and Girls for the WODS but got some flack. How do you show both Men and Women as Heroes. Well this was the result after a few Instagram and Facebook posts. I had other ideas like Murph and Fran... these will be available and I will post.

For retail in Santa Cruz where Crossfit originated they will be at Crossfit Aptos.

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