Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pleasure Point Fair back to my roots

I was born and raised at this small house on Hawes Drive on Pleasure Point and then we moved to Aptos and then I moved back to Pleasure Point and then back to Aptos. Today it was great to spend the day at the fair seeing old friends and sharing space with Brian and Sabine of Eastside Industries. I lived off South Palisades for 15 years between 19-36 a huge part of my skate life and early graphic design career started on the Eastside. I use to love to do window displays in the Santa Cruz Surf Shop. I airbrushed surfboards at night while commuting to San Jose State studying illustration and design. My first t-shirt designs were for the Santa Cruz Surf Shop and NHS or Santa Cruz Skateboards. So now it is full circle to be selling my Crossfit inspired Badgirl Mermaid and my Badass Skatemom Skate shirts. I don't take anything for granted. You have to pay your dues and work hard to make things happen. I am forever grateful. I love what I do and feel lucky for all the support. Badass Skatemom was coined because all my friends and even people I didn't know would say your a Badass Skatemom after seeing me skateboard slalom race or if they heard that I skated and was a mom. Not something I would call myself. lol

Dolphin airbrush foam core and paper.

Surfboard Airbrush.

This design was a sticker and a tshirt. Type designed by Jim Phillips.

Badass Skatemom launched two months ago. I guess I've been talking about it for years because a few people came up to me today and said you finally did it after talking about it for so long. Yes, a mini line for myself to play with designs I like that for you, me, moms, women, girls that kickass. Some designs are inspired from working out with friends that I do Crossfit with. I"ve had many ideas brewing and there are more things coming down the pike. Thank you to people who have never met me and friends that support me always I thank you.

Crowd Fav of course Jimbo Phillips graphic t shirts. Nice to see Jenny and a few of Colby's pieces.

Skate contest a large crowd as always. TC always giving to the skate community.

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