Monday, February 23, 2015

Women and Skate Culture Article hits a Nerve

Wow you know it hit a nerve when you are getting tagging in an opinion article on Wired about Skateboarding and Silicon Valley. So many people think they know skateboarding. You really don't unless you actually do it and love it. So some old skater writes and article and people get all agro on her. Well, welcome to the skate community. They voice their opinion the good the bad and the ugly. Just deal with it. Maybe I've been doing it too long. As I've said in the past you have to work harder and have a vision and don't stop.

So here 30 and 40 years later. Most of the old skate gatherings don't invite women. They run masters skateboard contests and I know women masters must be around cause I see women ripping at the parks and competing with the young rippers. Some women skaters just skate and don't compete. Their are many skate moms out there. Sorry but it kind of bums me out that when you look up Skatemom you see a cow on a skateboard. (no disrespect) Just saying. Women skaters come in all ages, all sizes and they do it with the same passion. One of these days women skaters will run and own skateboard companies and support women skaters. hum guess I better put my money where my mouth is. Cindy Whitehead we need to talk. That plan well it's time.

I do not like all the negative BS and name calling people are doing to the writer. It is an opinion piece if you want to write one do it. She is not bashing Rodney. Read the complete article and read it again. It took me a few reads to really understand it is a positive piece not negative.

And I'm not Peggy.

For the record. Skating Saturday at the Scotts Valley Skate park photo by John "The Hut" Hutson. Former World Record downhill skateboard holder and Santa Cruz Team Rider.

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