Saturday, January 31, 2015

Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary Art Show piece

This is my piece of art for the 30th Anniversary for the Screaming Hand art show coming 2015. Rumor has it that the kick-off party/artshow will be held at The Berrics in LA sometime in June. Here is the official list Cab posted on his Facebook page. I posted my art because I have seen others post theirs. Jimbo Phillips, Colby Phillips and Cab to list a few. And not to bag on anyone but no women are listed. An amazing list of artists for sure. I have to mention it because women hit walls all of the time and it is not subtle in anyway. I wasn't surprised to open up the Skateboard Mag at the Santa Cruz Bookshop last week and see not a one skateboarding woman in the issue. My husband says I should make a women's skateboard magazine. Well Cindy Whitehead and I have a little plan. More details soon.

Here is an amazing female artist Tara McPherson

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