Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Don't publicly Bag on your Skateboard Sponsor

Here's a free tip to all you want to be sponsored skaters and skaters that have been sponsored way past your prime and through thick and then. Do not publicly call out a sponsor after years of dedication. When someone gives you an opportunity for sponsorship or free goods. Here's what you do. You thank the company if you like the product you don't take the product if you don't ever think you will wear it or support them don't take the goods and say thank you.

If you take the product snap a shot wearing said product and that is that. You show loyalty and they are happy.

You don't shoot an ad or video and then switch brands before the ad or video goes live. It shows no loyalty and chances of you ever getting sponsored will be slim to none. People talk and people in the skate industry are all interconnected. We know they know and when you don't get that job or that sponsorship think back what could I have done. How many bridges did I burn.

Seeing said skater bag on brand on Facebook yesterday got to me today. I connected said skater to the brand back in the late 70's. Said brand sponsored rider for multiple decades through all kinds of life changes. Said sponsor has sponsored multiple riders who should of been let go years before but said sponsor is loyal. Said sponsor gets publicly dissed all the time but many skaters go back when they realize sponsor always has their back. They still make the best product for street, bowls...choose not to go after downhill or slalom market. Their choice.

Shame on you guys. And what's worse is they take it and give stuff anytime you ask.

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