Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tonight the Signal Hill Movie plays in Aptos for 1 showing! Prizes

I put this together for Matthew Swinnerton (Event Santa Cruz) who is helping me by MC'ing the evening as a cheat sheet so he can get to know some of these skaters. It turned out to be a little more detailed and a fun piece of skate history to share. We have an incredible list of raffle prizes. Thank you to all of the sponsors. We have 4 spots left at 100.00 each to tour the NHS skate museum April 11 at 3:00 pm with John Hutson.

Cliff Coleman is bringing three Earthwing decks to raffle.

Complete Graphite Hut slalom soon to be signed by the Hut! Skateboard from Santa Cruz Skateboards

Complete Skateboard from Bahne Skateboards

Complete from the Santa Cruz Boardroom Caballero and BD t shirts...

Joe McLaren slalom race deck, 2 tees, stickers

Deck from Subsonic skateboards Bonzing skateboard

Khiro Skateboard Products tons of riser pads, pushings, hardward and wedge kits

UFO t-shirts and signed poster from John Hughes

$50.00 Gift Certificate from old school shoes

Socksmith Socks


Tunnel Wheels

Orangatang wheels

Santa Cruz Waves t-shirts, stickers and 2 hats

Road Rider wheels and 6 t-shirts Ronin TrucksTrucks two pairs (shipping)

Sk8kings McLaren, 2 tees and some stickers

Thieves 2 hats, 2 beanies, 8 t shirts

Skate slate 4 t-shirts, 1 pair Gull Wing trucks

Sector 9 slide gloves

Surfrods Matted photo of the dolphins ‪#‎surfing‬ in ‪#‎manresa‬ from Boots Photo Gary's Plastic Schwinn

Weekend rental Tepui Tent

Stand up paddle for two people 1 session

Three Twins Ice Cream 20 Free Pint coupons. Each is worth $5

Marianne's Ice Cream 10 5.00 tickets

2 Bell Full Face helmets

Morro Bay Skate Museum t shirts

stickers and Longboard Longboarding For Peace pins!!!

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