Sunday, March 30, 2014

Signal Hill Movie raffle prizes

Complete Skateboard from Santa Cruz Skateboards

Complete Skateboard from Bahne Skateboards

Getting a complete from the Santa Cruz Boardroom Caballero and BD t shirts...

Deck from Subsonic skateboards

Bonzing skateboard‬

Khiro Skateboard Products tons of riser pads, pushings, hardward and wedge kits

Jimbo Phillips Graphics swag

Tunnel Wheels

Orangatang wheels

Ronin TrucksTrucks two pairs (shipping)

Sk8kings McLaren, 2 tees and some stickers

Santa Cruz Waves t-shirts...

Thieves2 hats, 2 beanies, 8 t shirts

Skate slate

4 t-shirts

UFO t shirts and signed photo John Hughes

1 pair Gull Wing trucks

Sector 9 slide gloves

matted photo of the dolphins #surfing in #manresa from Boots

old school shoes $50.00 gift certificate

Photo Gary's Plastic Schwinn

Weekend rental Tepui Tent

Stand up paddle for two people 1 session SUP Shack at the Harbor

Three Twins Ice Cream 20 Free Pint coupons. Each is worth $5

Marianne's Ice Cream 10 5.00 tickets

2 Bell Full Face helmets



Morro Bay Skate Museum t shirts

You can buy tickets here in advance until 12 hours before the movie. Raffle tickets will be available at the door. 4 spots left for the NHS Museum walk with Hut April 11, 3:00 pm 10 people total private screening. thanks, Judi O

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