Saturday, March 8, 2014

Going for Broke full documentary a part of my family history

Photo I came across recently of my mom Nancy in the middle in Poston 1 Camp.

My dad shared this movie link with me last night. He said it was a good account of what my parents went through as kids. They lost everything but have no bitterness. They taught us to appreciate everything. I had 2 uncles in the 442nd. My uncle Yukio Sumida of Cypress Garden Nursery still gardens and just got a Congressional Gold Medal of honor but didn't make it to Washington DC to receive it. He helped create the movie Beyond Barbed Wire some of the same footage was used to create both movies.

Going for Broke: Japanese Americans in World War II - Full Documentary

Published on Jun 25, 2013

The Asian-American Hawaiian senator Daniel Inouye hosts, and the Japanese-American actor George Takei (Star Trek) serves as narrator, in Going for Broke, a documentary that provides an incredibly rare glimpse of an unusual corner of World War II: those Japanese men who fought hatred, prejudice and discrimination after Pearl Harbor to fight for the US military in the second world war. Going for Broke honors this group of extraordinarily brave and patriotic men. By coupling archival footage and harrowing interviews with Japanese-American veterans, the film examines exactly how these individuals managed to cope and cling to their beliefs in American ideals, overcoming the bigotry that threatened to destroy any lingering optimism that they possessed.

Beyond Barbed Wire

Trailer Article "World War II veteran Yukio Sumida's Monterey nursery still thrives" written by Dennis Taylor. I met him on the race track at the Sea Otter Downhill skateboard race 2013.

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