Saturday, October 20, 2012

3rd Annual Board Rescue Auction is LIVE on eBay

Boards are being posted up on the Board Rescue Flickr and on our eBay account. I put work in progress and event imagery on my Flickr site with links to ebay boards that are up per photo. I will update as best I can. This is a big project to work on as well as be a full time mom with kids. I had the a huge deadline with a company working with 5 artists that had a deadline set for yesterday. As well as ad's for the up coming Sockshop and Shoe Company Hospice Fundraiser. I photographed the boards as they came in and the most on Saturday morning, it is time consuming to crop and edit each piece of art. The lead up to the art show was fun as the boards arrived. Each box or personal delivery was amazing as each artist put their heart and soul into making a special piece of art. I know how hard that is as you are putting your work out there and wondering what kind of response you will get. Everyone did amazing work. If I haven't already called you or sent you a personal e-mail bare with me as I will in the next week. Thank you everyone. And a big thank you to my friends and clients if I have been late on getting your work done. One day I will learn to say NO to the non-profit work but for now I squeeze it in.

Link to Board Rescue eBay

By the way you can see 10 of these for a little while longer in the Santa Cruz Boardroom window display. They have a small batch of the limited edition hand silkscreen posters and t-shirts with custom art by Jimbo Phillips available to purchase.

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