Monday, October 22, 2012

Lance Armstrong, my yellow band and my son

So today it was announced that Lance Armstrong was stripped of all 7 Tour De France Medals. It is my birthday and I've always been a loyal Lance fan. Oakley, Nike and Giro have always been loyal too. I have numerous signed Lance Armstrong items I cherish and collected. I had the Lance shrine of stuff at Giro when I was art director there. I always thought that he was innocent of doping. Over the years I met quite a few of his Postal teammates and many stood in front of my collection of swag, posters, cutouts and said I hate that guy. I always thought it was jealousy and ignored what they said. I believed he was stronger than most and possessed something more. I was wrong. I still believe in his Livestrong non-profit. I know it has helped people fight during their cancer battles. My son's middle name is Armstrong for his strength and determination. He is still proud of that name and I think he was sadden by the news. I know I am.

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