Thursday, October 18, 2012

Never under estimate the power of Skaters!

Radio Station Q1045 Central Coast disses the wrong skateboarder I meant to call my friend Jack Smith a few days ago when I heard his father passed away. It struck me today on his Facebook post when he posted this. The radio station took down any comments I put up. I feel they owe Jack a big apology. Instead the posted some basic we are not responsible for the actions of our morning crew. Well yes you are and the General Manager and DJ's responsible need to call him and say something. Sorry if you get some press on this or some Facebook likes. I hope you get some unlikes too.

Let me share with you something unbelievable that happened today. As many of you know, my dad passed away last week. Today his obituary appeared in the local paper.

I was listening to Q104.5 (the local oldies station) while driving into San Luis Obispo this morning, the DJs start chattering about what it would be like if obituaries were read on the radio like commercials using a cutesy radio voice. The next thing I know they begin reading my dad's first I thought I was imagining it. I actually had to pull over to make sure I was hearing this correctly. After they got their laughs, they offered up a lame apology, saying something like, "no offense intended, we're sure Jack was a good guy".

This is what entertainment has become, using people's sadness and suffering to get a laugh. I am so glad my mom did not hear them using her husband of 56 years death in a comedy skit. Absolutely tasteless.

I called the station when I returned home and asked to be speak to the General Manager, who of course was on another line. When the receptionist asked what this was regarding I told her it was about the tasteless skit that used my dad's obituary. The line went silent then she assured me the GM would call back...four hours later I was still waiting.

I called back, the GM, some person named "Pepper Daniels" was on the air so he had the receptionist tell me that he would have the offending DJs, a clown who goes by the name Adam Montiel and his sidekick Cheeba would call me tomorrow to apologize. I have my doubts.

If you think what these people did was offensive, crude and tasteless you can let them know via Facebook at the links below or by calling them at 805-781-2750.

Thanks, Jack

Q1045 Central Coast

The DJ Here is a link to the Q104.5 radio station if you feel like leaving a comment.

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