Thursday, September 11, 2008

Board Rescue Board Donated to the Santa Cruz Boys and Girls Club

I dropped off 6 Complete Santa Cruz Skateboard Decks, 6 Killer skate wrenches and 25 Volcom hats on my lunch for a kids event happening next week at the Club. Thanks to donations from Santa Cruz, Krux, Bullet, Creature, NHS, Khiro, Pleasure Tool Bearings, Support from the Skateboard Daily and a host of others. Our goal is provide skateboard to kids that can't afford to buy one on there own. This way the kids can skate as well as play pool or basket ball. Choices I say choices. Thanks to Gary Holl who thought of this idea.

Our mission: Board Rescue is a non-profit 501(c) (3) public benefit corporation dedicated to providing skateboards & safety equipment to children; targeting low-income children and at-risk youth.

You can help by visiting the How You Can Help page and make a donation to support our mission.

To donate equipment please contact us at Board Rescue.

To make a monetary donation please click the JustGive or AMEX Giving Express* links on our website all links are secure and easy ways to make a difference today.

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