Sunday, September 21, 2008

Found Skate Memories

Today I was going through some old boxes of skate stuff and found this old photo taken by John Krisik when I skated for Santa Cruz Skateboards. I remember we were at a the Sierra Wave in Sacramento and it was cold and windy out. Stayed with the Merricks and remember skating a contest there with Jamie Hart, Dave Criddle, Tom Merrick and Cliff Coleman. Fun days.

I also found the schedule for the ARA Another Roadside Attraction Slalom Series in Colorado, my worn number from sliding down the double yellow during the Capitola Classic, the Skateboardmania 6 month tour schedule that never happened, other numbers, the Hester Series fliers and scribbled race times from days gone by. A proof sheet with shots of Blackhart, Randy, Bryan Buck and myself at Winchester.

Newark, Winchester, Del Mar, Campbell. We too had so many skateparks that we were getting picky. Skated Campbell to warm up, Winchester to session and Milpitas to push one step further if you hadn't had any hard falls during the evening. The owner DOM would always try and give me a kiss. (That was one of the things I hated most about skating that park.) Loved the capsule and the snake runs and the water slide we could go cool off in right next door.

And then in a heart beat they were all gone.

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