Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lance Armstrong is back, I say he never left.

Why not. Never too old to not go for it. Who's to say he shouldn't. I think he would of won this year. I had the Lance Shrine at Giro with memento's from races from the past and present. I worked on all Giro's printed materials for 7 1/2 years. I enjoyed each tour year and would get images directly of each stage, every morning to sort and pick to see which one would make the next cover or poster. I of course would always want it to be Lance. The day Lance came to Santa Cruz and over by my work space, he stood politely staring at my assorted Lance stuff given to me from bike sponsors, things I picked up on ebay and a few cool Oakley items from Blick, my killer Oakley connection. I had just got a ten dollar laminated black and white Nike piece of a shot of Lance with no shirt. I had him sign that since it was right next to him. My kids got to meet him. My eldest bares Armstrong as his middle name for his strength and determination.

I'm 48 and just bested my cyber slalom skateboard times, my 50 cone and 100 cone times, at last weekends World Record Attempts three days ago. I hope to be doing front side grinds at my 50 Th Birthday party. Sally Edwards is running endurance marathons and she's in her 60's.

Ignore the negnoids. Life is short. Go for it.

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