Thursday, July 31, 2008

World Record for 100 cone Race

I just found out this afternoon that Pat Chewning the event coordinator submitted our times to the ISSA (International Skateboard Slalom Association) which has ratified the following world records set at the Oregon State Games June 22 2008 in Salem Oregon:

Dan Miszowski 100-Cone w/cone penalty Men Masters 26.26
Judi Oyama 100-Cone clean Women Open 30.544
Pete Ingraham 100-Cone clean Men Masters 29.824
Judi Oyama 100-Cone clean Women Masters 30.544

I ran a faster time and placed third overall in the masters but was happy with my results.

Today's blurb in the local Sentinel Newspaper. I hope to get more women and girls out skating.

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