Sunday, August 3, 2008

Parents are great savers

My mom gave me a envelope with some old elementary school stuff and a skate image taken at a photo session with John Krisik for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Winchester's wash board was a great place to warm up. Broke my ankle and dislocated my foot doing a front side aerial there, waited to long to bail and by then it was too late. Other found items Skateboardmania flyer, Road Rider small poster and a host of other fun items.

Jumping Rivers at a Jr. High School show I helped put on with the Rhino's at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds.

My cousin Ray took this image in Gonzales back in the 70's. Rode horses and skated. We use to tie the skateboards on the back of our saddles and ride up to fresh pavement in the Aptos hills and then go for a ride.

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