Monday, September 4, 2017

Gold Rush Classic 2017 Giant Slalom Results

Photo: Brad T. Miller September 2, 2017 First place Giant and Super Giant Slalom

Capitola Classic 1980 photo by my dad. 37 years apart. I don't practice the fast riding since it's hard to find hills. I need to work on my tuck! lol

Year two Gold Rush Classic in Nevada City California, during the hottest days of the century. One of the best giant slalom and super giant slalom runs ever. I use to skip the Giant Slalom because I felt it was too fast and gnarly for me, but over the past few years I starting riding them with Jamie Hart and Cliff Coleman. I'd go up as high as they would go up. Then one of us would get up on the ramp and then it would push one of us to get on the ramp. It was like dammit now I have to do it. I didn't go off the big ramp during the giant slalom it was hard to get through the top 5-6 cones. There was a bump in the road that made your board jump if you weren't careful.

For the Super Giant slalom I did one practice run from the lower ramp and made the course just fine. I hit one cone near the bottom which is jolting at those speeds. Your legs are pretty heated by the last section. We were given 3 runs during the race. I did one run off the regular ramp and got a fast time. I got up on the big ramp even with being scared but anxious I went for it. It felt faster than the first run. I never checked my time which is a big no no and didn't check Nicole's time a fast downhiller since I was 3 seconds faster on the first run. It was 102 on the top of the hill I was just happy and took the rest of the day off. I thought I didn't need to try and go faster, it was hot and I was stoked and done. I probably should of taken a last run and raced myself and done the big ramp again.

I'm stoked to have one and know that these two ladies will be fast and make me try harder. They needed the right set up and will get the hang of it for next year! They didn't make the top of the course mainly because they were riding downhill boards that don't turn like a slalom board. I'm watching and listening to Underexposed Skate Documentary a women's skate documentary. The women's skate movement is strong and I hope to encourage more women, moms and girls to go skate. I have fought the system for decades. I was sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 70's, Indy...I have sponsors still and appreciate all they do. Thanks Sk8kings Skateboards for the awesome fast wheels and killer boards. Thanks Brad T. Miller for the awesome photos and Ripetide Skates for the PSD foot stops, Bronson Speed Bearings for the fastest speeds.

My two cents all you ladies, mom's and girls. Be kind to each other. Don't be the bullies to each other. Focus on skateboarding. Keep it fun. Support each other don't bring each other down.

Juniors Giant Slalom

1st Dartanyan Ward 55.920

Juniors Super G

1st Dartanyan Ward 47.379

Women Giant Slalom

1st Judi Oyama 48.813

Women Super G

1st Judi Oyama 43.55

2nd Nichole Rose Catambay 44.25

Masters Giant Slalom

1st Jonathan Harms 42.665

2nd Rick Floyd 43.371

3rd John Ravitch 44.271

4th Jack Russell Will 46.250

5th Clifford Coleman 46.265

6th Bruce Norski 47.798

7th Jamie Hart 48.361

8th Randy Katen 48.577

9th Glen A Stallings 51.003

Masters Super G 1st RickPink Floyd 37.470

2nd Cliford Coleman 39.665

3rd Marty Radan 40.502

4th Jamie Hart 40.884

5th Glen Stallings 42.278

6th Bruce 'Norski' Bjortvedt 43.091

Open Giant Slalom 1st Jonathan Harms 42.374

2nd Gary Fluitt 42.747

3rd Max Vickers 42.862

4th Eric Tokle 44.362

5th Keith Henderson 45.647

Open Super G

1st Max Vickers 36.300

2nd Gary Fluitt 37.675

3rd Keith Henderson 37.704

4th Jonathan Harms 37.894

5th Eric Tokle 38.042

Local Nevada City paper

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