Monday, August 7, 2017

The CrossFit Games in Madison is a wrap

The hotel has no wifi so I had time to write this blog of the Monday the day after the CrossFit Games in Madison. I write this blog when I have time and have done something I want to keep in the archives.

The CrossFit Games is a wrap.

A big shout out to the volunteers and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I powered many days of work prior to leaving and I got sick. I’m sure it had nothing to do with two weeks prior racing at the West Coast Championships in Salem Oregon and then running the Wharf to Wharf 6K the following week and not taking a breather. I was hacking and coughing most of the week if I had been home I’d have been in bed. (lol) I felt bad for my colleagues around me and kept going into the hall to clear my lungs. I had not been sick in over two years and of all things I get sick the week of the Games.

I worked on the score cards and was going back and forth most of the first 3 days between the media room where I was tagging and picking out photos for social media and CF Journal articles. The big bonus was that the Score Cards room called the Bat Cave was next door last year it was a trek to get to them going back and forth took a walk and a few flights of stairs and an elevator ride which was a good mini workout and got my blood moving.

This year Taylor (my son) got to go and he volunteered and was running memory cards for the photographers. He went from not sure about if he’d made the right choice finding out we had 12+ days to wanting to go again next year. He is stoked about CrossFit again after taking a break from doing it and realizing how cool my job is. I asked him which division he enjoyed more the teens, masters or the individuals and to my surprise the group that made the most impact was the 50+ and up category. I think a bubble went off in his head about using CrossFit to be strong and how useful it is in everyday lift. These people look like your normal elder person and then they take their shirt off and they have a six pack and are a fit as can be.

I got to see my cousin Carli and her friends for a few minutes they came all the way from Niceville Florida. Carli inspired me to try CrossFit she taught classes in South Korea (husband was a CrossFitter and Jet Pilot instructor for the US) and is a badass too. I had enough time to hand her a few tanks and some stickers and buttons. I didn’t expect her too send me some awesome selfies of her and her friends with Nicole from CF Training, Sam Dancer, and Tommy.

I didn’t get to see any of the events in person, last year we were able to look out the window from our box seats and watch between breaks every hour of doing 20 air squats or push ups. This year we were in a room with a bank of large tv monitors which was great but I think next year I’d like to at least watch a little bit in person for a few minutes. Maybe help run cards one round so I can work and watch and get a little peak of all the live action.

The women's finals were super exciting since Tia and Kara were so close in points and Tia placed second in the final event. I thought she had gotten moved down to second and it was so special to see her win. We were all in tears in the photo area at least the folks around me.

Congrats to all of the competitors! Here is a link to the Games site for more info.

Proven: Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey


Tia-Clair Toomey  

2. Kara Webb  

3. Annie Thorisdottir  


Mat Fraser  

2. Brent Fikowski  

3. Ricky Garard  


Wasatch CrossFit

2. CrossFit Mayhem  

3. CrossFit Fort Vancouver


Sorry to the ladies that were so sweet to wore my tanks. Sorry I had no free time to meet up. The Badass Skatemom thing is my side fun personal project. This was work week for me. I'll take care of you when I get back to Santa Cruz.

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