Thursday, February 23, 2017

Badass Wall Ball Targets

The CrossFit Open 2017 starts today at 5:00 pm. This is my second Open working at CrossFit HQ and my third that I've signed up to do the workouts. I designed the CrossFit Aptos Wall Balls last year and we finally installed them last weekend. I have updated the Mermaid and the Strong is Beautiful design since I posted them on Instagram. I designed these from stickers that I have made. Installing the first set Wall Balls I realized you need a few guide of where to hit and where the line should be so I added a faint line behind the skull and the water line in the Mermaid. The Badass word is exactly center and marks the line. I have a Crosshair maker in that one. I was going to put it on the others but changed my mine cause it was distracting and you can aim at the Skulls teeth and the Mermaids mouth as the hit point. CrossFit is all about having fun and a little attitude. I have both. lol

Made in the US $15.00 each. Once I get enough in stock I will over bulk buys of 10 and 20 wall balls.

These are from the first test run.

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