Saturday, October 17, 2015

Santa Cruz Waves BASM article drone shoot day with Daniel Carettoni

It is always hard to do a shoot and have to wait until you are able to show off the images but it was worth the wait. I was super stoked to see the printed issue and article in the new Santa Cruz Waves issue. I was torn between sharing this photo or not too since I didn't want to give credit to the person that tagged the skatepark the morning of this shoot. Big thank you to Daniel Carettoni owner of Santa Cruz Aerials to fit me into his busy schedule. Daniel shoots the drone footage for the Crossfit Games and a ton of other cool footage.

When we arrived the morning of the shoot my heart sank a little seeing all the orange spray paint. Spray paint for one makes the surface slippery for skating and usually the taggers aren't even skaters. The park gets shut down and they have to water jet clean the surface. I want to thank the skaters that morning that were super respectful and accommodating. My Badass Skatemom came from my passion for skateboarding, design and Crossfit. I didn't name myself Badass I got that from friends and people that don't even know me. They would come up to me and say your Badass or your a Badass Skatemom. One other motivation for me was seeing some goofy images of a skate mom when you google skatemom. I want people to know skate mom's are ripping moms who skate or mom's that have kids that skate. There are of course awesome Skatedads too! Thank you Melissa Duge Spiers for writing the piece.

I loved the article but had a few things I wanted to address. Anyone that has worked with me knows I give credit where credit is due from the photographer, illustrator, production, even the press men when I can. I got credit for designing the Think Local First Santa Cruz, Tepui Tents, and the Socksmith logos. Socksmith had a pretty big design company start that one and I think they finished the final design in-house or probably some help from super talented Timerie Gordon. I'm not sure who designed the Tepui Tents logo but I do work on their ads and the past two catalogs. The TFL logo was designed by Max Davis.

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