Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crossfit Aptos Affiliate Cup 2015 New Design

It's always exciting to share new designs. These shirts were designed for the Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup Challenge 2015 that just happened Saturday. I was appointed Team Captain of the 50 and over's. I thought that I was only doing the first two work outs. We had a great team and when I was done with the second work-out I turned to Bruce and said yeah I'm done. He said no your not you have to do the third workout too. Oh joy Suicide Run Burpees and a 800 meter run and then 5 Burpee's and a Suicide Run. It felt good to finish! The one thing I did try is the rope climb and got close but had to climb back down. My arms were toast and I couldn't get good grip with my feet thus the fail. But I want to keep trying. I hadn't done rope climbing in 10 months until last Thursday and I was able to touch the top but it wasn't a high rope. Big thanks to all the amazing Crossfit Community in Santa Cruz and at Crossfit Aptos.

It was great to meet new people and to see your friends compete that go to different boxes. Way fun and worth trying at any age.

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