Friday, June 12, 2015

Currently Ranked 1st ISSA International Slalom Skateboarding Association World Ranking

Slalom World Rankings posted this may not last long since the Europeans have so many more races then we do. I am going to the US Nationals in Oceanside and the World Championships in Kentucky this year. Crossfit and Skateboarding helps the elder in the pack to keep skateboarding and racing. I'm the oldest skateboarder and racing longer than any woman in the sport but that doesn't really matter you can get inducted to the Skateboarding Hall of Fame if you do freestyle handstands and rode in the 70's. No one cares if you've ridden bowls, vert, downhill, freestyle and supported kids in for 4 decades. I skateboard because I love to skate that is the only reason. Like many skaters around the world that get no coverage and just ride. Skate on! Skater for Life!

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