Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drone skateboard footage the killer view

Slalom skateboard in San Jose from Daniel Carettoni on Vimeo.

Special video few and slalom session in Norcal.
Footage by Daniel Carettoni - Cinematographer - Editor - RC Copter Pilot and Mary Macdonald Commercial Pilot - Web Developer. They are an amazingly talented Santa Cruz couple.
Fun session with Kevin Delaney and John Ravitch. After racing all over the country this is looks less and less steep but is a perfect practice location to run long 80 cone leg burning courses. Thank you Daniel and Mary.

And for the record skateboarding and Crossfit are a perfect pairing. Crossfit has helped my skateboarding a ton. Legs core and body stronger. It has helped me build confidence and take on steeper and faster hills.

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