Monday, July 21, 2014

Skate mom racing at the US Nationals 2014 thrills and no spills!

Skateboard mom racing the Giant slalom. Mom weekend with my skate pal John Ravitch. Here is a view of the GS from yesterday photo taken by Jim Goodrich. The first race of the day was the GS they usually run the tight first and end up leaving before the awards ceremony at the end of the day. Well they ran the single lane GS first and I thought I would give it a try. I started from the where the fences ended on my first run then worked my way to the next 4 straight cones stretch. They called out a racers meeting and then we were supposed to run two qualifying runs and fastest run is your time. I had not run from the top. They had an option B run further down from the top with a 10 second penalty. I was on the fence about starting from the top since it was already smoking fast from below the B option.

Big thank you to Chris Favero who walked me through the top and told me where to go wide and scrub off speed. Jamie Hart told me he hadn't gone from the top and he was going to go from the side of the ramp. I hit his tape when he started his run. I was after him so it gets nervy when you are watching your friend go down and then you are next. He made the course so I went and made the course and then Cliff Coleman went. We all gave high fives and hugs at the bottom. We use to all skate in the 70's together for Santa Cruz Skateboards. Who'd of thought we would still be racing. They're in their 60's and I'm in my 50's! Second run Jamie tells me he's going to go off the ramp. I'm like okay? Walking up to the top I wasn't sure I would try going off the ramp. But again as I watched Jamie step up to the ramp and I'm like damn now I'm going to want to do the same and of course I did. I was stoked to take on the hill and make it down the course. It was fast and such a rush.

Photo Jim Goodrich

Big thank you to my Crossfit coach Chris Morse at Crossfit West. Crossfit and skateboarding I highly recommend it. My legs and core are so much stronger. Going down the hill is only half of the race. The other half is walking back up the hill over and over again.

Maybe I should retag and label Badass Skatemom then maybe the skating cow photo won't come up. No offense to the Cow but skate mom should have a skate shot of a skate mom which there are plenty of them out there. Google searches. lol

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Cindy Whitehead said...

Awesome post Judy - you rip it up - love that! Glad you had fun and kicked some ass. You ROCK!!!