Monday, July 21, 2014

Back from the Sk8Kings US Slalom Nationals 2014 Day 1

Had a great time racing for the past two days. Saturday was the Hybrid race a dual slalom course. Jamie Hart and I pushed each other. We both had not made the course from the top when we had to run our two qualifying races. Jamie said he was going to start on the side of the ramp. Which is common and then someone hit the timer tape while you go. We both climbed on the ramp and waited for the start. The start has a 4 beep system you go on after the forth beep. We'll is random and the forth beep seemed to never come so I was like is that it after the third and then I started Jamie stayed and then the forth beep went. Someone said at the first cone I was like G-Damn it! We both made the run and got times. The second run we did the same. I ended up placing 8 th in the masters with the men.

After the race we headed to the Reunion Social/Exhibition Race where many of the original slalom racers were running cones. Di Dootson organized the La Costa Reunion Social/Exhibition Race. We made a circle and held hands and Dennis Martinez officiated a prayer for all the skaters, surfers and friends we had lost this year. On this same day they had a paddle out for Shugo Kubo on Venice Beach and a memorial for Sonny Miller. We had lost slogger and skate Legend Chris Yandell earlier in the year.

After this we headed to the Racer/La Costa Reunion Dinner Party & Signal Hill Documentary Screening Got to meet Tina Trefethen at the event and many other legendary downhill skaters. Great to see Guy Grundy, Michael Williams, the Logan family and many others.

Sk8Kings US Nationals - July 18-20, 2014 Oceanside, CA So Cal Racing and La Costa Boys - are hosting the biggest racing event in North America AND have joined forces with the 2nd Viva La Costa Reunion crew – for one epic weekend.

Results from Day 1 dual hybrid.


1. Joe McLaren

2. Richy Carrasco

3. Mike Maysey

4. Paul Price


1. Scott Hostert

2. John Ravitch

3. Rick Floyd

4. Brad Jackman


1. Bruno Silva De Oliveira

2. Oshean Lehrmann

3. Josh Harvey

4. Nathan Favero

Event Schedule: Friday (7am-12pm) Golf

Friday (12pm-4pm) Beach Party

Friday (6pm-9pm) Sunset Hour

Saturday (9am-4pm) US Nationals Race events - Head to head Hybrid Slalom @ Loretta Street Oceanside

Saturday (11am-4pm) La Costa Reunion Social/Exhibition Race

Saturday (5pm-10pm) Racer/La Costa Reunion Dinner Party & Signal Hill Documentary Screening

Sunday (9am-5pm) US Nationals Race events - Giant and Tight Slalom @ Loretta Street Oceanside

Big thank you to Chris Morse at Crossfit West. Yes Crossfit twice a week made for stronger legs and a stronger core. Chris use to be one of the children Jenny Hutson had at her day care. Jenny is the wife of famous racer John Hutson!

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