Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Croakies Stunt Puppy collaboration Jimbo Phillips Eyeball

Today this collar and leash set came from Croakies. A graphic I art directed and with the talented Jimbo Phillips. The eyeball print along with several others is in the line made into belts and lanyards. This print is not in the line but I'm hoping to get enough interest that it will be. I am the Northern California rep for Santa Cruz area surf shops I do it because I'm passionate about the brand and it's roots. I would love to get these into the Santa Cruz Boardroom or Stacy's store Sawyer Land and Sea Supply. Cooper had a hurt leg today he was limping on three and was a bit down. Croakies are at the Sockshop and Shoe Company Downtown Santa Cruz, SUP Surf Shack at the Harbor, Oneill's Surf Shops...Outdoor World. Wish West Marine would pick them up since they are Made in the USA! :)

Some of the other Croakie designs on my website I helped get into the line with some talented local artist and some of my own designs. Croakies is made in the USA and the owner is a great friend, photographer and skateboarder from the past. He use to be the team manager for Santa Cruz Skateboards.

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