Monday, November 4, 2013

4th Annual Board Rescue event set up tear down

Big thank you to the Santa Cruz Boardroom crew again. This are show is kind of like a pop up flash mob event. We arrive with all the boards and prizes. Chappy and crew build a wall, 6:00 all clothing racks displays get rolled over to the Zen Trading Co. and we put the boards up. The night would of been perfect if I hadn't misplaced 3 decks between moving them from my house to the staging area in the store. These three boards will go up today in the Santa Cruz Boardroom window display and Jay Watson's framed photo. Special Thank you: Victoria Holl, Erik Takaoka, Joe Weir, Santo Family, Angela Stucky, Katie Steidl, Rich Novak, NHS, Chappy, Zen Trading Co., TC and Boardroom Crew, for your help and support. And to all of the sponsors Santa Cruz Skateboards, Creature Skateboards, LIFEBLOOD Skateboards, SkateOne, Bones, MiniLogo, Powell Peralta, hoopla, Golden Dragon, Bones Bearings, Positiv, Deluxe, Bahne Skateboards,Pocket Pistol Skateboards, Weirdo Skateboards, Eton Solar, Shark Watches, Nike shoes,...and items donated from the Santa Cruz Boardroom.

Board Rescue would like to apologize to Adrian Pina, Jeremy Micheal Elder, and David Swift. All of these talented individuals have supported Board Rescue for several years.

LIKE. SHARE. BID. The first three one-of-a-kind original artwork pieces by Joey Vela, Keith Meek and Bryce Kanights are now up on eBay under eBay seller ID boardrescue: 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will benefit Board Rescue. Board Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to providing skateboards and safety equipment to organizations that work with at risk and/or underprivileged children. For more information about Board Rescue visit us on the web at An additional 3-4 pieces of artwork from the 4th Annual Board Rescue Art Show will be posted here on Facebook and listed on eBay each day. Good luck to all the bidders! Thank you to all of the skater artists: Featured Artists:* Jimbo Phillips, Colby Phillips, Duane Peters, Jason Adams, Steve Olson, Steve Caballero, Justin Forbes, Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Lucas Musgrave, Keith Meek, Bryce Kanights, Cindy Whitehead, David Hackett, Danny Sun, Kori Thompson, Christian Cooper, Eli Roe, Erik Fieber, Chris Sprouls, Lizzie Armanto, Richard Sanchez, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Desiree Ronald Astorga, Joey Vela, Adrian Pina, Stan Strocher, Jeremy Micheal Elder, Gary Holl, Candace Wright, Jonny Miller, Judi Oyama, Angela Stucky, Katie Steidl, Ben Dodd, Mark Widmann, Jacob Meggers, Jay Watson, Nichole Lenz and more... *some artists were too busy and promise to do one next year! Thank you.

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