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Sk8Kings US Nationals Official results at Oceanside July 13 and 14, 2013

Sk8Kings US Nationals at Oceanside went down July 13 and 14, 2013. Great skaters congregated at Loretta Street from as far away as Washington, Utah, Colorado, St. Louis, Texas, and Florida. Loretta Street is known for its steep pitch and slippery surface. It takes a master to conquer the 25 mph tight and 30+ mph GS. The dual hybrid is one of the funnest around, dodging quickly around cracks and potholes. The tight slalom ran single lane in one course that was a true pro style. It was on par with the 2008 Worlds in Gothenburg. 3 of the best 11 slalom racers double dq'd. Those with looser stomachs could choose to run the easier course, and most did. Juniors could choose to run a half course for the experience. Sunday was a classic Loretta Street GS. Big wheels were in. Although we did our best to set a true GS, the race was won on a downhill board, by a rider who has mastered the pump-tuck. See results below.

At the end of the weekend, the overall winners were announced. These racers qualified by completing all three events (Juniors and Women had two events-tight and GS). Your 2013 Sk8Kings US National Champions are:


Lord Of Loretta: Joe McLaren

2. Richy Carrasco

3. Paul Price


1. Jonny Miller

2. Keith Hollien

3. Cliff Coleman


1. Lynn Kramer

2. Judi Oyama

added this because I did come in second and second overall according to Lynn. And I got first place for leaving the event before it was over. lol Big shout out to Richy for coaching and amazing product. Thanks to Hut for some training time and being at the race. It helped to have you there! Ravitch my traveling partner killed it. And I have to say big thanks to CrossFit West Santa Cruz trainersChris Morse, Jason (a.k.a. “J-Dogg”) and Cliff Hodges the new work outs have helped. No more wobbly legs at the end of the run when you have to foot brake at speeds.


1. Scott Hostert

2. Patrick Lehrmann

3. Oshean Lehrmann


1. Oshean Lehrmann

2. Orion Lehrmann

3. Makaiah Spiess

The results of individual races follow:

Dual hybrid:


1. Joe McLaren

2. Richy Carrasco

3. Mike Maysey

4. Lou Statman

5. Paul Price

6. Jonathan Harms

7. Lynn Kramer

8. Ryan Ricker

9. Tim Keinitz


1. John Ravitch

2. Jonny Miller

3. Brad Jackman

4. Keith Hollien

5. David Hackett

6. Judi Oyama

7. Cliff Coleman

8. Martin Radan

9. Jamie Hart

10. Lisa Scott

10. Eddie Chang


1. Scott Hostert

2. Oshean Lehrmann

3. Patrick Lehrmann

4. Orion Lehrmann

5. Paul Chestnut

Tight Slalom:


1. Joe McLaren

2. Paul Price

3. Tim Keinitz

4. Richy Carrasco

5. Lynn Kramer

6. Lou Statman

7. Mike Maysey

7. Jonathan Harms

Masters: 1. Keith Hollien 2. David Hackett 3. John Ravitch 4. Jonny Miller 5. Judi Oyama

6. Cliff Coleman 7. Martin Radan 8. Brad Jackman 8. Jamie Hart


1. Lynn Kramer

2. Judi Oyama


1. Scott Hostert

2. Patrick Lehrmann

3. Paul Chestnut

4. Oshean Lehrmann

5. Orion Lehrmann


1. Oshean Lehrmann

2. Orion Lehrmann

3. Makaiah Spiess

4. Conner Kemmsies

5. Eric Montanez


The GS was run as an open, like the tight, and some of our Pros are over 45 so they will get Masters points.

1. Ryan Ricker (Pro)

2. Joe McLaren (Pro)

3. Richy Carrasco (Pro, 45+)

4. Jonny Miller (Masters #1)

5. Mike Maysey (Pro)

6. Lou Statman (Pro)

7. Jonathan Harms (Pro, 45+)

8. Paul Price (Pro, 45+)

9. Lynn Kramer (Pro, Women #1)

10. Scott Hostert (Am #1, 45+)

11. Brad Jackman (Masters #2)

12. Keith Hollien (Masters #3)

13. Cliff Coleman (Masters #4)

14. Tim Keinitz (Pro)

15. Patrick Lehrmann (Am #2)

16. Oshean Lehrmann (Am #3, Junior #1)

17. Martin Radan (Masters)

18. Paul Chestnut (Am #4)

19. Jamie Hart (Masters)

20. Orion Lehrmann (Am, Junior #2)

21. Makaiah Spiess (Junior #3)

Kids Race (under 12):

1. Isaak Brickner

2. Dakota Kretchman

Without our volunteers and sponsors, this race would be impossible. Thanks to: Sk8Kings, BLR, Khiro, Concrete Surfer, The Grind Skateshop, UA Local 582, Gravity, Carver, ABEC 11, Bamboo, Flyaway, Oust, Madrid, Churchill, Riptide, Bones, Paradox, Bennett, San Diego Ski Club, Concrete Wave, and Arrowhead Water and Bubba Burgers for providing refreshments all weekend.

Lynn Kramer

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