Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sk8Kings US Nationals 2013 - Slalom Skateboard Racing at Oceanside

Great weekend of racing. Thank you Lynn Kramer, Richy, and Maria for a great weekend. Di for timing help and everyone that helped.

Little video Harvey Hawks took of my clean tight run

The legacy of the La Costa Open lives on with the 2013 US National Championships - July 13-14 at Loretta St. in Oceanside, CA. LaCostaBoys & SoCalRacing - promoting slalom skateboard racing with annual events in Southern California.

Lance Smith photos

Trent Video

Partial Results Day 1 - Sk8Kings US Nationals at Oceanside

Hybrid Head to Head Pro:

1. Joe McLaren

2. Richy Carrasco

3. Mike Maysey


1. Scott Hostert

2. Oshean Lehrmann

3. Patrick F. Lehrmann


1. John Ravitch

2. Jonny Miller

3. Brad Jackman


1. Lynn Krammer

2. Judi Oyama

3. Lisa Scott

GS on Sunday

Miller, 1st

Hollien, 2nd

and Cliff Coleman 3rd

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