Sunday, May 12, 2013

NHS inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame and my Smithsonian inducted helmet

Amazing evening at the HOF event. It was great to see so many old friends, many I hadn't seen since the late 70's. Bob Trophy photo. NHS's Bob Denike's post on FB. To the 400 skaters we sponsor now on all our brands and the thousands in our past and all our current and former employees and customers throughout our history, this belongs to you. Thank you. #skateboardinghalloffame #santacruzskateboards #independenttrucks #40yearsdeep @nhs_inc #thankyouskateboarding

Article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel about the icon HOF award.

Hung out with my longtime skate BFF Cindy Whitehead and many other amazing skateboard women from the past and present. I got called Peggy Oki several times but that's okay. Not many Asian Women Skateboarders that skated 1970's. Cindy has an amazing following and blog I got to design the layout and use the F word.

I met up with Betsi and Jane from the Smithsonian to give my Flyaway helmet to them for a women's skateboard display they are working on. It was great timing since I had just gotten all of the Santa Cruz Skateboard downhill gear from Larry Balma from the Need for Speed museum show he had at the California Surf Museum. One year later to be exact. Simple hand off and very cool to know it will be with Patti McGee the matriarch of skateboarding's classic skateboard as well. Laura Thornhill just inducted into the HOF and Cindy Whitehead amazing Sportstylist® are going to give them something as well at a later date as well as some of the other women we use to skate with.

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