Monday, May 20, 2013

New Flickr page what size is the cover?

If anyone can tell me I'd be happy to update my dry cover image. Thanks


What’s a photostream?

One of the reasons that Flickr is a bit different to the other photo sharing sites out there is that it has a strong sense of time, immediacy and using the site to give people updates on what you doing as it happens. The photostream reflects this.

Even though you’re welcome to sort your photos in sets or collections and we also show them in an archive view etc, your photostream will always show the most recent photo at the top.

Are there limits on file sizes or file types for uploads?

With a Flickr account, you can upload photos up to 200MB in size, or videos of up to 1GB for each video. For more on video files and types supported, please visit the Video FAQ

Flickr officially supports JPEGs, non-animated GIFs, and PNGs. You can also upload TIFFs and some other file types, but they will automatically be converted to and stored in JPEG format.

As you publish photos, they're compressed and resized by Flickr (if necessary) in the following sizes:

75x75 pixels square

150x150 pixels square

100 pixels (on the longest side)

240 pixels

320 pixels

500 pixels

800 pixels *

Large (which will be 1024 pixels if it exceeds that length)

1600 pixels *

2048 pixels *

The original size

To access all of these sizes for a photo, click the "All Sizes" link on the individual photo page.

We also store your high-resolution originals, which you can download at any time. Anyone can access public photos and download the high-resolution (original) size, unless you limit access to the downloadable image.

* These sizes are only available for images uploaded since March 1, 2012.

Can I access my original images?

We resize your photos to more web-friendly dimensions. Each image has a 75x75 and 150x150 square thumbnail and 100-, 240-, 320-, 500-, 640- 800*-, 1024-, 1600*-, and 2048*-pixel versions (that's the length of the longest side), as well as your original file.

When you view an individual photo page, click the "More" menu and then "View all sizes".

Your original files are available for you to download at any time. You can also use the global setting in your account to specify who can download original files: Only you; your friends and/or family; your contacts; any Flickr user; or anyone.

In case you have attached a Creative Commons license to your photo indicating you're OK with sharing it, this makes the original file available to anyone on Flickr.

You can also limit the maximum size displayed to viewers of your photos in your Image size settings.

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