Monday, January 14, 2013

Lance Armstrong finally tells the truth

Anyone that knows me knows I've been a loyal Lance Armstrong fan. My oldest child bares Armstrong as his middle name for his strength and courage. I have a huge Lance collection of graphic design printed work I have done as well as other designers that I had become friends with. I had a created a large Lance shrine above a huge black work (Giro) cabinet at that I would put Lance stuff I collected from 7 tours and other races. I had gotten swag from Toshi, Jim, Chuck and other team contacts like Blick from Oakley. I was so proud of some eBay buys and when Lance finally came to the office I had him sign a $10.00 shirtless Nike POP. He probably thought I was a stalker but just a fan because I like so many others thought he as special and did it without drugs. Now I know why pretty much every team mate except Tom D said shit about him when they saw the Lance stuff. Floyd, Levi...they had real anger and hate. Guess I don't blame them to be mad and have that hate because they had to lie to everyone to stay on the team. That sucks.

Cycling needs to come clean for sure so the real champions can rise above.

Sports are not fair. I competed against a woman that service 5 of the 5 judges at a contest and I got 3 rd 1 point behind her. And now the number one masters woman for 2012 and 2013 leading the points is a transgender. I don't mind that part so much but I raced last year and didn't even get on the list. Go figure. Some things never change. It's not who is the best racer in the slalom community it is who ever can go to the most races.

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