Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family go to Emergency Wallet size card

Every year since my kids were little I have made a two sided business card size phone card for the grandparents and now so my kids can carry them. It has 911 info local emergency, poison control, fire, Santa Cruz, Capitola and Aptos police and Highway Patrol non emergency numbers and all local family and close friends phone and addresses so if they are with a parent or family member they will know how to get to where they need to go. The back side has photos of each of my kids at their current age. This is for if they get lost and you can show security or anyone what they look like in a flash. Maybe I'm a bit on the crazy side but when you become a parent you can never be too prepared.

I will share the local numbers for our area. If you are friend that has illustrator and wants to put their own card together let me know and I'll share the template.

I laminated them and made them. I use to make them when I worked at Giro for the marketing department. It had only the key marketing folks cell phone, direct extensions and home numbers. It came in handy. I am going to update one that has all my favorite to go bakeries, book stores and local hang outs and will post for friends to use and print out.

Police Santa Cruz 831-471-1170

Police Watsonville 831-471-1151

Police Capitola 831-471-1141

Fire Aptos 831- 685-6690

Fire Watsonville 831-728-6060

Fire Santa Cruz 831-420-5280

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Dominican Hospital 831-462-7700

Dominican Emergency 831-462-7110

Highway Patrol Aptos 831-662-0511

Highway Patrol SC 831-425-7878

Family Doctor Dentist and other go to people

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