Monday, July 16, 2012

US Open Slalom Contest results fun weekend

Back from a great weekend of slalom racing. My first race in two years. Hadn't practiced like I should of. Kind of a last minute plan to go race since it was the closest race this year. The Slalom Racing World Championships are in Germany this year and in 2013 it will be in Texas. Enjoyed seeing old friends, Henry Hester was the MC, Brian and Brad Logan, Chuy, Beau Brown and a few others I had raced with in the 70's and meeting many new ones from way back.

This slalom article just posted yesterday in the Coast News in Oceanside. Skateboarders go slalom at event by Promise Lee

After the race we got a private tour with Larry Balma and John Lamb to see the California Surf Museum show "Need For Speed" Downhill skateboard collection. Was honored to have a board and a helmet in the show. The first year of the Capitola Classic downhill race I was the only woman racer. I helped pack and package all of Bob Denike, Michael "Smiley" Goldman and John "Hut" Hutson's skateboards. Thank you to TC of the Boardroom for the loan of some key pieces.

More race photos by Lance Smith

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