Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rooster Comb Ranch Santa Cruz Fly Fishing weekend 2012

Year 3 or 4 for me. Greg and Kids have gone a few times without me. Scott Wilkinson is the host and owner. Rancher, hunter, cowboy and super host escorts you in Friday am and out Sunday evening. This weekend was a bit different since it was the rare time they open the gate to the public and allow folks to drive in to the horse camp. Rooster Comb Ranch is further down the road by at least another 45 minutes. It is beautiful and quiet. The old ranch house is off the grid run by solar panels. Fishing was good the sun was hot and each day was a new adventure. Taylor shot and skinned his first rabbit. He had a great teacher who was a competitive sharpshooter and hunter showed him how it is done right out in the outback. We all learned that the work starts from the point you shoot the animal to when it is turned to food. Getting the internals out quickly so the meat doesn't spoil. Air dry to put that coat of protection to keep the flies off... The kids will have memories of this trip for a lifetime. Catching fish, frogs, lizards and oh the rattle snake we almost stepped on. Next time we will let it go. It got skinned and will be incorporated into a few custom Fly Fishing rods Greg will make under the brand Manresa Rods.

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