Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updating my travel art and styling kit

I've been styling and art directing photo shoots since working with Carlton Chase in the early 1990's when he had Radical Films in Santa Cruz and he hired me to style a PSA (Public Service Announcement) in Pacific Grove, Castroville and Aromas and a Surfing American Express Commercial in Davenport and Pescadero which was suppose to run during the World Series and got pulled for being to arty. Well a few years later the same looking commercials ran. AE would of been ahead of their time. Oh, the corporate world. I still have the same kit. Which contains, scissors, duck tape, zacto blade, scotch tape, sewing kit, thread, extra buttons, velcro, measuring tape, straight edge, safety get the picture. I started to look for an upgrade from fashion make-up kits to military and construction bags. Their is a big range from my little clear plastic kit. I want a bigger one with wheels and lots of compartments.
In the past few months I've done a few photo shoots, set a window display in a high end Whisky Shop actually called the Whisky Shop in SF. Set a one night art show at the Boardroom for Board Rescue with teams of help, and a window display at the Boardroom and window boxes at the Sockshop and Shoe Company.

Styling and doing window displays for a few decades has been fun and gives me a break from the computer and inside work. I'm always looking at fashion, color texture and what I think is coming in the future.

Can't wait to publish some of the new photos I did with Patrick Trefz for the Sockshop and Shoe Company and Santa Cruz Legs. And have another shoot coming up with Jay Watson. Also, happy that Croakies is flying me out for a marketing meeting to Jackson Hole, WY. Sweet.

I don't take any work for granted. I appreciate all the work I have and feel lucky every day.


Cindy Whitehead said...

Tackle box is great for all the little stuff (-:

Judi Oyama said...

I ended up getting a art tackle box. One day we will work together. Producer, location have a great job. Getting paid to shop. Hello so much fun.