Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Honor of the 442 nd

Beyond Barbed Wire

My Aunt Mollie and Yukio Sumida

Best website source I have found on Japanese-American Internment Camps and history. I don't dwell on the past. I want to keep the story alive and want my kids to learn about it since my parents never spoke about it we have to dig and find some of our history on our own. It is no doubt why I work as hard as I do. I don't take freedom or life for granted.
My parents were asked to go to this Salinas Assembly Center when they first were told to leave their homes, livelihood and walk with one suit case.

Today in the paper I read this Sentinel article in our local paper. My uncle Yukio who is 90 was in the 442 my other uncle has since passed away. I hope he sees and knows he is being honored for what he did 70 years ago. He is one of the producers of the movie "Beyond Barbed Wire"

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