Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Think Local First Santa Cruz Social Media Facebook Presentation

Big thank you for all those that showed up. That after all is half the game. I enjoyed doing this presentation at Bruno's BBQ last night at the Think Local First Santa Cruz roundtable in Scotts Valley for merchants and individuals. My goal was to break down in easy to follow steps how to set up a business Facebook page. I added links to social media sites that I read and get some great tips from. I added a few other mentions like nutshellmail to consolidate your social media and a few other additions. It was my first Facebook Social Media group presentation. My strong point is not public speaking. I usually do one on one meetings with individuals and business owners unless of course I get flown out to Bozeman Montana to Croakies which I have twice to talk to sales and marketing and continue to help with their social media and Facebook.

Tomorrow night is a Think Local First Santa Cruz Summer Mixer at Geo Wilsons 90 th anniversary. So my friends for all of you that have a small business and want to improve your reach and get new clients. Networking is key. Go it is free! and what you could have a fun time.

250 Harvey West Blvd, Santa Cruz

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Maximum Impact Design Facebook page

Some of the Facebook pages I manage and tabs to check out.

Socksmith shop tab
Beckmann's Bakery welcome tab links to website
Croakies welcome tab page has a share feature and links to website
Foy Construction showcase tab share button, links to website, has 10 large portfolio pages that can also be buy buttons if you have a on line store front.
Diamond D Company Flickr slide show feature tab
Cypress Garden Nursery
Hotline Wetsuits share button and 10 large showcase features with buy tab feature
Doc's Proplugs Partners feature tab with links to brands or businesses on Facebook. Works similar to links on website pages.
Mr. Toots Coffee Like me tab page links to website
Think Local First Santa Cruz check back I'm inspired to add a ton of features and tabs.

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