Friday, June 17, 2011

The Skateboard: The Good, The Rad, and the Gnarly is out

We did this shoot last Feb on a stormy day. Haven't seen the book but heard it just came out. We shot at Lake Cunningham Regional Skate park and in Santa Cruz at the Santa Cruz Skate park. My photo by Lucci Griggi for a Skateboard Book that Ben Marcus a local surfer/skater/writer originally from Santa Cruz was putting together. I set up the photo shoots with Rick Blackhart, Richard Novak, Doug Haut, Bob Denike, Steve Caballero, Keith Meek, Gary Holl, Michael "Smiley" Goldman, Tim Piumarta, and a few others. Sent them on their way to Thrasher to shoot more folks. The book is done and I look forward to seeing the final project. Below are shots they took prior to coming North.

The Skateboard: The Good, The Rad, and the Gnarly

The story of the simple skateboard is part thriller, part underground, underdog success tale. It’s chock-full of innovations, far-out graphic artistry, and ever-more-incredible hot-dogging feats. And the story’s told in this book with contributions from the stars themselves—Tony Hawk, Stacey Peralta, Jeff Ho, the Dogtown Z-Boys, and more. Beautifully illustrated with historical posters, ads, and memorabilia along with new action photography, studio skateboard shots, and unique portraits of the stars, this is a fitting tribute to an American classic.

Tony Hawk

Steve Olson

Skip Engblom

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