Monday, June 6, 2011

Santa Cruz Fly Fishing Club trip to Rooster Comb June 2011

Despite the rains over the weekend we had a great time. The main house view. Upstairs four bedrooms, a bathroom and a front porch area with two beds and screen windows. Amazing view to wake up too.Downstairs has a big living area and bed. Bunk house lots of beds and a bathroom. Solar panels off the grid electricity and water.
Fish made you work for it this year.

Duke when you unload make sure your bags and tubes are off the ground or he'll make his mark.

The upper porch Candy Cane room.

Hanging in the old barn.

Fishing at Tule.

Takes an hour to get out so you don't want to get hurt and their is no phone reception.

Boar from the bunk house and cows along Tule.

Main house fireplace and rattle bottle collection.

Turtles at Tule in the paddle boat.

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